What is Vegetarian Wine?

Is there anything better than a cool class of white wine in the sun, or a big glass of red in front of the fire? Wine is simply a staple at most big gatherings, and is drunk while celebrating, commiserating, and most importantly, when eating. But all of a sudden, some wines are being labeled

Where to Shop for Art in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico and one of the oldest and most architecturally-interesting cities in America, is home to a vibrant art community. It’s the third largest art market in the United States with more than 200 individual galleries. Galleries are clustered in three main areas: Canyon Road, downtown, and the Railyard

What to Do in the Aquatic Capital of the USA

Home to one of the world’s largest shipping ports, Long Beach has a temperate, year-round climate that makes it the ideal destination for vacationers with a fervor for nautical activities. The city lies on the outskirts of the Greater Los Angeles Area. This “maritime center of the world” offers the perfect escape for travelers on

Unfamiliar and Different Landmarks in Napa, Calif.

McDonald Mansion (Mableton) Just a short drive from Napa, Calif. is the charming city of Santa Rosa. One of the most opulent mansions, the McDonald Mansion, also known as Mableton, stands here. Staying in Santa Rosa in an inexpensive hotel, and learning of Mableton’s history, will give you more time to explore and get a

Traveling to San Jose: Tips and Tricks to Visit on the Cheap

A city break in San Jose, while undoubtedly enjoyable, can often see your budget rocketing skyward. This kind of trip does not have to stay the stuff of dreams, however. Whether choosing a low-cost hotel, making use of local transportation, or scaling back the cost of entertainment and dining, there are plenty of ways to

Top 5 Waterfront Hotels in Panama City Beach

Fancy a getaway featuring 27 miles of white sandy beach, a tropical climate, and excellent dining options? The popular vacation hotspot of Panama City Beach is sure to tick all the right boxes on your checklist. With a focus on all things outdoors, this beautiful resort town in the Sunshine State is home to a

Top Tips for improving your bathroom without going broke

When we think about updating our bathrooms, we often imagine price-shock, and months of paying off huge credit card bills. While we can easily justify spending the money on our kitchens and dining rooms, bathrooms are often overlooked, until we have a guest who needs to use the powder room and we inwardly cringe at

If you want something doing … do it yourself!

Package holiday deals are all very well and good, but did you know that the best way to cut costs and find a holiday that suits you in every way, shape, and form is to book it in a DIY fashion? Before you panic and worry about where to start, wait! Booking a holiday in

Waterproof Jackets: A Fashion Basic

For those living in wetter climates (or indeed anywhere prone to rainfall), a waterproof jacket is a basic wardrobe essential. From lightweight shells to walking jackets and heavy overcoats, a wide range of styles and many types of design are available for the fashion conscious. But which jacket is right for you? It’s important to

Tips for saving for your dream holiday

Planning your dream holiday? Then it’s time to start saving. If you want to watch your back account grow then use these top tips to make your dream holiday a reality. Get a savings account you can’t access online To stop you from dipping into your savings account, it’s good to get one that you can’t