Fun things to do while you’re Travelling

While travelling is a life-changing experience for most people, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. You’ll find that even the most incredible trip, while full of adventure will also include periods of boredom, when you’re stuck on a bus, on a train or in an airport and you need something fun to do. Here are

All You Need To Know About Insuring Your Home

Property rates in the UAE have always been high, given the quality of its infrastructure and the standard of living it affords to its residents. Investing in a home in the UAE is an expensive affair, making it one of the most valuable assets you own. Further, setting up your home also calls for substantial

5 Tricks for Building the Best Play Tent Ever

Kids love to play in tents. It gets their creativity going, whether they are playing house or pretending to be camping in the woods. You can help inspire your children and make play time more fun by building a multipurpose play tent. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Choose the Best

How you can relieve the financial burden of buying a new car

So you’ve decided to buy a new car. It’s a big decision, not least because of the financial outlay involved. Maybe you’ve just passed your test and this is your first car; chances are you don’t have much money to throw around, but you’re looking forward to having the freedom and independence your own car

Why you Should Consider doing an Apprenticeship

As more and more people go to university, a university degree is becoming as common as it once was to graduate high school. To really stand out, many students are being forced to get their Masters degrees, even though this still doesn’t guarantee them a job and means that they end up thousands of dollars

Best City Breaks in Europe

For anyone who has a full-time job, city breaks are the perfect way to travel. A city break could be 24 hours in a new city or a weekend plus a Friday or Monday if you can take a day off work, making it a mini-vacation. To get the most out of a city break,

5 New Trends in Healthcare Technology

When it comes to your health, new innovations and advancements are always welcome. The healthcare industry has evolved substantially in the last decade, embracing the internet and big data as tools to help prevent illness and keep society healthy. Caring for one’s health doesn’t necessarily mean visiting the doctor and taking prescribed medicine, and new

4 of the Safest Plastic Surgery Options

Many people become unhappy with their appearance, and even after exercise and eating well, they still have problem areas they want to fix. Doctors performed tens of millions of plastic surgeries over the last five years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. But surgery has risks, including infections and long recovery times. For people