Sticking to a Family Budget

Lots of people have a difficult time with their finances. Maybe you have had unexpected medical expenses, or school debt, or maybe you never really learned how to budget. Planning and sticking to a monthly budget is integral to your financial success. A budget helps you visualize your monthly income and expenses, and keeping within

Five Reasons Why You Should Donate to Charity

If you’ve been considering donating to charity, but you’re not quite sure if it’s for you, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Here are six reasons why you should donate to charity: Because poverty is a problem that can be fixed Effective interventions are breaking the cycle of poverty for some of the neediest people

Budgeting for a baby

Budgeting for a baby can be daunting – with so many diverse costs to consider it’s no wonder many parents can end up feeling overwhelmed. To help first-time parents navigate their way through this new experience, MyBudget has created an infographic estimating the first-year costs of having a baby. As well as detailing upfront, weekly

Health tips from football stars

Football stars have to be fit on the inside and outside in order to maintain stamina and single-mindedness to succeed in what is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat environment. Top class players are trained from a young age on the importance of good nutrition and fitness, however over time they learn a little more,

The 4 Most Promising Next Generation Cancer Treatments

New cancer developments are announced every year although some areas of research are more promising than others. Immunotherapy, or using the body’s natural defences, is one of the most promising areas of cancer research today. It has already been used to develop several effective treatments. Immunotherapy is one of the main targets of cancer research,

The importance of proper posture to avoid back pain

We all remember those early days of school when parents and teachers told us to “sit up straight, and put your shoulders back!” It seemed to run against the very core of our tendency to slouch – a tendency that becomes all the more irresistible as we go through life hunched over our books and

Reasons to hire a handyman

If you need a job doing, it’s easier to do it yourself, right? Well, sometimes yes, but a lot of the time, no! The argument here comes down to skills and expertise – do you have the necessary skills and expertise to complete the job not only successfully, but also within the timescale, to the

Three tips for choosing a new bed

When you make a big purchase it needs careful consideration and thought before you actually say ‘yes’ and part with hard-earned cash. You wouldn’t go and buy a car without thinking about it first, test driving it, checking out a few details, and going away to double think again, before returning and making your final

5 Star Hotels Around the World – There’s No Consistent Rating

I was surprised to find out that there’s no international benchmark for 5 star hotels. Many countries have their own system and requirements for ensuring a standardised level of service, but in an international regard there’s nothing. That means what might be considered a 5 star hotel in one country, might only feel like a