How to Discover your Dream Career

Regardless of your age, and the amount of time you’ve spent in the workforce, you may have realised that you’re not in the right career. Maybe you would like a career, but you really just have a job which anyone else could do. Or maybe you’re about to choose your degree, but you’re unsure about

The Importance of Household Staff for Working Mothers

A baby is born approximately every 10 seconds in the United States alone, and that mother then has to decide how the next few years of her working life will go. This is a huge decision. Choose to give up your career for a few years, and you’re contributing to the fact that only a

5 Tips for Choosing your New House

If you’re considering buying a new house, you may be finding that there are a lot of things to have into account. So here are 5 tips for choosing your new home: 1 Check the Neighborhood It’s important that you research a particular area before you choose to buy a house. What is the neighborhood

It’s time to Quit Smoking for Good

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you may be feeling like it’s just never going to happen. However you probably know that quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to improve the quality and length of your life. Immediately after you quit, your body begins to heal the damage which was

Make a Splash: The Best Boating Sites in Arizona

Landlocked states are not generally known for their coastlines, but when lakes and rivers come into the mix the issue changes dramatically. In fact, lakes and rivers can be some of the best boating areas in the world, mainly due to their generally calm waters and ease of access. Many U.S. states boast incredible lakes

5 Best Cars for Your Summer Road Trip

The temperatures are rising, the office is noticeably empty, and you are itching to get out of town… it must be summertime. A summer road trip is one of the most economical and enjoyable ways to beat the heat and indulge the seasonal travel bug — as long as you have the right car for

New Hobbies to Try in 2015

If you’re like me, your New Year’s resolutions have probably come and gone. Now that we’re officially half-way through the year (that’s scary), it can be easy to forget what we were aiming to get accomplished in the 365 days of 2015. But there’s still slightly more than 6 months left to try some new

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

Astrology may not be an exact science, but neither is fashion. Just because we don’t fully believe our weekly horoscopes doesn’t stop us from reading them religiously and remembering exactly what was true. That’s why we compiled this guide to clothing trends based on the zodiac. With any luck, the stars will guide you to

New Video About British War Planes Released

I love flying. While most people hate it, the fact that we can hop on a plane, and be in a new country just a few hours later has always been a huge cause for excitement. And with so many airlines to choose from, there’s bound to be a favourite airline for everyone. However it’s