If you had to design a postcard depicting Tenerife’s natural beauty, it would be hard to pick just one snapshot. There is the peak of Mount Teide, of course. But there is also the jagged tip of Masca to the northwest, which is arguably more dramatic. There are rugged cliff-sides fringed by swaying palm trees, but out on the water, you might snap a dolphin breaching the surface. And this is without even touching on the birdlife, moon-dust landscapes and flower-carpeted forests!

As far as eco-diversity and natural beauty are concerned, this island has been blessed with super-abundance. So, if you’re considering the best deals on flights to Tenerife, don’t be under the impression that it’s all deck chairs and rowdy ex-pats, there are plenty of things to do that you’d never expect. Here are some must-visit marvels, which are, by their very nature, beautiful.

Mount Teide


This 12,000 foot volcano is not only a World Heritage Site, it’s also the highest point in Spain, making any ascent to its summit a feat to be proud of (just don’t mention that it can be achieved by cable car). Though one of the most visited natural wonders of the world, Teide is still very accessible by foot or by bike.

There are plenty of cafes and stopping points on the ascent for respite, but be warned: you’ll need calves of steel to handle some of its inclines! The surrounding National Park yields a surreal mix of scrubland, pine forest, rock formations and lush volcanic soil, making it a playground for adventure enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike!

The Anaga Mountains


Extract yourself from resort culture and prepare for a blast of cool mountain air, in this demanding landscape that will prove a siren call to any hiker worth their backpack! You’ll need energy and patience to tackle its jagged peaks, but with persistence comes reward, and along the way you’ll meet with; some of the 120 indigenous species of wildlife and plants local to the area, vistas of the coastline, and rugged inland vineyards and juniper woods.

Garachico Rock Pools


Anyone can splash around in the sterile block of concrete that is the hotel pool, and once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all. Unless, that is, you’re visiting the rock pools of Garachico. These lava pools were formed by a volcanic eruption over 300 years ago, and they make for a swimming wonderland that you’ll never forget.

Black sand beaches


If you’re heading to the beach, ditch gold for black, and sink your toes into the remarkable volcanic black sand beach of El Bollullo. This spotless swathe of sand in Puerto de la Cruz is only a couple of kilometres from the town centre. Though it’s a short drive, El Bollullo is best reached by hiking through a fragrant banana plantation.

While it is undoubtedly in many respects a well-developed and popular resort, what makes Tenerife a unique destination are its areas of untouched wilderness and natural beauty.

Whether you’re exploring its mountains, plains or surrounding ocean, just remember that there’s so much more to this country than may first meet the eye. Make sure you get the full picture when you visit Tenerife.