Thinking of traveling to Las Vegas and testing your luck with the dice? Thinking of visiting the notorious Sin City to see all its mesmerizing, gambling-packed glory? The only problem is, you’ve never been there, and you kind of don’t know what to expect, right?

Well, no worries guys. There are millions of people just like you, planning on visiting Las Vegas for the first time and having absolutely no clue on what to do and where to start.

Luckily for you, this piece possesses a ton of valuable info that’ll help you get a head start out there in the desert…

Four Tips First-Time Las Vegas Visitors Need to Know

If you’re a first-time visitor, Las Vegas can be as challenging as they come. It’s a massive city with massive crowds and densely packed buildings that make you think everything is just around the corner.

It’s easy to get lost and scammed, so make sure you keep your eyes open at all times! That’s basically our first tip of the day. But no worries, there are four more and they’re coming right up!


Don’t Overspend on Airbnb

If you’re wondering where to stay when visiting Las Vegas, platforms such as Airbnb can help you out. However, most first-time visitors opt for a stay in one of Sin City’s numerous hotels. The prices vary, though, depending on factors such as location, quality of service, and the luxury factor. If you’re going for the cheapest options, you can make do with as little as $25 per night. On the other hand, there are hotels in Las Vegas which offer rooms for prices that’ll make your head spin.

However, there’s no need to go for luxurious apartments when you’ll only be sleeping in them. Las Vegas is a city of life, and if you’re planning on going there to stay in, you’re better off going someplace else.

What I’m trying to say here is that you should try and get the cheapest possible deal. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against luxurious hotels and apartments, but your accommodations in Las Vegas should be reasonably-priced. Remember, the more money you have left after you pay for lodging, the more you’ll be able to spend on other awesome Las Vegas things!

Take a Ton of Photos

Your first-time trip to Las Vegas is going to be a special one. You’ll find everything mesmerizing and you won’t believe what you’re seeing. From your first step onto Nevada ground to your first casino game to your first night out, everything will be charming because it’s Las Vegas!

No matter if you’re just looking to have some good old fun or you have a comprehensive plan of visiting everything Las Vegas has to offer, there’s one golden advice you need to keep in mind—take plenty of photos! You never know if you’ll return to Sin City, so it’s always a good idea to cement your visit with awesome photos.

Keep in mind, though, don’t take a picture with folks in costumes and expect to get away without paying a hefty price. Think ahead and either politely ask them for a freebie or settle for a lower fee.

There’s More to Sin City Than Just Sin

If you’re coming to Las Vegas, but you’re not in it for the gambling, you’ll be happy to find that Sin City is good for more than just sinning. There are plenty of activities available in the jewel of the desert, plenty of sightseeing opportunities, and a ton of potent timewasters.

There’s Grand Canyon, Mount Charleston, and Red Rock Canyon. Las Vegas and its surrounding area packs quite the punch in terms of amazing sightseeing locations. There are plenty of non-gambling activities to explore as well.

Nothing Is Free in Las Vegas

Frequent Las Vegas visitors are well-aware of the good old saying, “Nothing is free in Las Vegas.” However, first-time visitors might not, and they could end up with a whole bunch of extra expenses because of their negligence.

For example, many hotels have the so-called resort fees, which usually range anywhere from $15 to $45. The services they provide aren’t worth the price so, if you don’t want to pay more than you should, find yourself a stay on Airbnb or similar platforms that don’t have daily resort fees.

Furthermore, some hotels have seemingly complimentary water bottles next to TVs, but apparently, there’s nothing free about them. Minibar prices are off the charts too, so it’s always better to go to the nearest convenience store and save a few bucks. Beware of card slappers, street hustlers and strangers that try to hook you in with the classic “I won a bunch of money” stories…

Remember, nothing is free in Las Vegas! Even those freebie bet coupons you get are only there to incentivize you to gamble everything away.