Are you dreaming of somewhere warm, with beautiful landscapes and tons of things to do for your whole family? Well, the Amalfi coast may be the perfect solution for you. The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of Coastline nestled in the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Whether you’re interested in stunning landscapes, architectural buildings, religious sites or adorable beach towns, you’ll find it all in this wonderful part of Italy.

Planning a visit to the Amalfi Coast may be a bucket list item for you and while there’s no wrong way to plan, you should consider that there are three main options. The first, and most relaxing, option is to consider taking small group Italy Tours, this allows you to visit numerous sites throughout Italy with all the convenience of a tour guide and set itinerary. Often taking tours can work out to be a lot cheaper than we could arrange for ourselves as the tour companies are able to negotiate discounts for their big numbers. The second option is finding a cruise company that offers tours down the Amalfi coast. The third option is creating your own independent trip exploring this stunning region. No matter what option you choose, please read on to get inspired and to find out which locations on the Amalfi coast are must-see locations for you.

1. Coast Road
If you can, rent a car and explore this beautiful road. Be warned at points it’s very nary and winding, so you’ll have to take the corners slow. Along the way you can stop of in some beautiful towns to take photos, enjoy a quick snack and to enjoy how stunning this region of the world really is. If you’re nervous about driving, consider taking a bus. One benefit of taking is a bus is that everyone will get to enjoy the amazing views together.

2. Positano
Do you love a beautiful beach? Well Fornillo, Positano is a small private feeling beach that’s worth a visit or two. Here you’ll find gorgeous golden sand, bright blue water and a great location for reading a book. There’s also lots of beautiful pieces of sea glass, which will help keep kids entertained hunting for this precious treasure.

3. Duomo di Sant’Andrea
This lovely cathedral is accessed by climbing some 62 steep and winding steps, but I promise it’s worth it. Inside the cathedral are numerous gorgeous fresco paintings. Be sure to check out the crypt because it houses numerous great sculptures. If you visit during prayer time, entrance is free, but at any other time of day it’s a very reasonable 3 euros entrance.

4. Sol’Art Ceramiche
The Amalfi Coast is famous for its beautiful ceramics and this is a wonderful place to see a wide variety. While wandering around you’ll notice that store after store of ceramics all kind of seem the same, until you reach Sol’Art Ceramiche. Here you’ll find a lot of original pieces at very reasonable prices. You can even arrange with the owners to have your pieces shipped home – for an extra fee – if your bags are getting full. Definitely worth a visit!
The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful place to visit and I hope with these tips and suggestions you’ll get your next trip there off to a fantastic start.