Vietnam is a country of many beauties – especially when it comes to the natural landscape. It is of no wonder then why so many tourists are attracted to this place and why so many of them are simply enchanted by Vietnam once they get there.

If you want to visit Vietnam as well, but you are not sure when it comes to the top spots to see there, make sure to check out the following list. We have gathered some of the most beautiful attractions in this country and they are definitely worth your attention!


The Mekong Delta

Mainly an agricultural area, the Mekong Delta is the kind of place that will stick to your memory in a beautiful way. This is the place where the River Mekong empties into the sea and the landscapes surrounding the Delta are luscious, rich and simply unforgettable. Rice fields, simple life and natural beauties you will almost want to take home with you! The Mekong Delta is not too far away from Hanoi, in the North, which is also worth a few days at least. You can easily combine these two locations, especially if you choose one of the many multi centre Vietnam itineraries.


Postcard perfect, this area of rice field paddies is one of the most stunning places in all of Vietnam. Here you can trek for a day, or a few days at a time, visiting local villages, being stunned by the fresh, vibrant and amazing natural beauty here. It’s a great way to get outdoors, be in the wild and see how many of the more rural people spend their lives in Vietnam.


Phu Quoc

Unaltered nature is the best kind of nature – and Phu Quoc proves it in a grand way. Facing the Cambodia coast, Phu Quoc is the largest Vietnamese island. But even more than that, it is a place sprinkled with an almost magical kind of beauty. Coral reefs and tropical forests blend into each other to create exotic perfection and some of its beaches are renowned not only in Vietnam or Asia – but in the entire world.

Hoi An

Without any kind of doubt, Hoi An is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam – and it has all the reasons to be so, really. This small fishing village has been a large port for more than 5 centuries now and these days it attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of the people come here for the beautiful architecture and for the “Venice”-like feeling that perfectly combines with the Asian culture. Pay it a visit and you’ll most likely want to return!


Mui Ne

Somewhere in between a beach, a fishing village and a desert, Mui Ne is one of the must-sees of Vietnam. For sure, you will love it here, especially since it’s quite difficult to get bored. From sea breezes to fun activities (such as kite surfing and windsurfing, for example), there’s something for everyone. And if you add all these things to the mesmerizing view of the sand dunes located North of Mui Ne, this place will probably rank among your top favorites in the entire world.

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

If you thought Vietnam is all about natural landscapes, think again because this country is soaked in magnificent pages of history and culture as well. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is the “living” proof for this statement. Now a UNESCO world heritage site, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is one of the most haunting places you will ever visit – and with a history that goes back more than 1000 years, it’s quite impossible not to hear at least a bunch of great stories to bring back home. Marvellous place worth visiting no matter what type of tourist you are!