Europe is such a great travel destination because there are so many wonderful destinations in a relatively small space – this means you can either choose to explore an entire country within a short period of time, or like most people do: you can choose to visit a few different countries all on the same trip and if you choose to stay within the EU you may even be just able to use the same currency too! If you’re looking for some inspiration for either your first Europe tour or your next trip, here are my favorite places to see in this wonderful region of the world:

1. Paris, France

It’s one of the most photographed, visited and loved places in all of the world and for good reason: some of the world’s best landmarks are here. The Eiffel tower is simply gorgeous, but there’s so much more to Paris than just the common sights. Why not consider doing a fun cycling tour to get to know the secrets of Paris? You could even try taking a wine tasting course to learn more about the different regions of France and to hear about the specialties that each region produces. France is also well known for it’s weird and exotic cheese, so Paris is the perfect place to learn and sample some of their extensive selection.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You may not believe you’re in a real place, Amsterdam is just so beautiful! My favourite thing to do here is to simply do as the locals do and cycle around. In my experience, cyclists have the right of way here, meaning that it’s so much easier to be a cyclist than to be a car in Amsterdam which is just a great way to live! Of course, you should pay a visit to Anne Frank’s museum to learn more about the rich history here. I also suggest having waffles for breakfast at least once while visiting this fairytale-like city. For a fun twist, why not consider spending the night on a houseboat instead of a standard hotel?

3. Prague, The Czech Republic

Nestled firmly in Central Europe, Prague feels very different to the rest of Europe. There’s so much to do and see here, even a week wouldn’t be long enough to do it all. I suggest getting up as early as you can one morning and making your way to Charles Bridge as early as you can to try to have a spare moment to soak in the beauty of this stunning bridge. Head up to Prague’s Castle, where you’ll find a museum inside which has a wonderful audio tour all about the rise and fall of the Czech Republic’s royal family. You might be surprised to learn more about the family’s influence in Europe during recent history. If you manage to find yourself visiting during the month of December, Prague’s Christmas markets are some of the best in the world and worth a visit, but if not, be sure to visit Old Town Square and go up the Clock Tower for a lovely view!

No matter where you end up in Europe, I’m sure you’ll love it. Book a tour now to see more of Europe and you’ll surely enjoy it as it’s a great way to see more places in a shorter period of time.