Whether you’re travelling the world or simply your local neighbourhood, there are a number of excellent gadgets that make it a lot easier and more fun for those with disabilities to get around. Technology is constantly advancing and there are now countless different gadgets available that ameliorate travel for wheelchair users or those with other disabilities. Here are some of the most useful and fun gadgets to use with disability travel.

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Motability Vehicles

Thanks to Motability schemes across the country, there are now many different options when it comes to disabled cars and other vehicles. They are essential for helping people with disabilities to get around and live a full and active life, with options that include wheelchair ramps, spacious interiors, low entry points and specialised designs. Each one is great for use at home but many places also rent them out if you go abroad on holiday, or you can take yours on the ferry across to Europe. Discover more here about disabled cars and vehicles.

Luggage Monitors

Losing luggage can be an incredibly annoying aspect of travelling anywhere, especially if you have no timescale off when it is likely to turn up. For those with disabilities it can be an even more serious problem if equipment or medication are in the lost luggage. That’s where luggage monitors can help. It provides accurate tracking of where your luggage is through your mobile phone, be it on route, in arrivals or, hopefully not, delayed. Text messages are sent when you arrive to inform of its current location.


Free Wheel

One of the struggles with taking a wheelchair abroad to some of the most beautiful places in the world is dealing with the different terrain. One moment you can be going down a new, smooth road, the next across cracked and old cobbles. The addition of a free wheel to the front allows much better control and speed when going across any surface, and is easily attached. An extra smart drive wheel for the back has a similar effect.


GoPro cameras are not specifically designed for those with disabilities, but they offer a great and simple way to document your vacation. The camera can be strapped to your head, chest or just held and provides great quality video footage and images. More expensive models include a touch screen, which make them easier to use. Prepare for your holiday or general travel with these disability friendly gadgets.