Planning your dream holiday? Then it’s time to start saving. If you want to watch your back account grow then use these top tips to make your dream holiday a reality.

  1. Get a savings account you can’t access online

To stop you from dipping into your savings account, it’s good to get one that you can’t access from your online banking. Pop into your bank, get a traditional savings account and then set up weekly automatic payments that go into the account. It’s amazing how quickly an account like that can grow when you aren’t dipping into it all the time. Look for an account that gives a good interest rate and a bonus if you don’t do any withdrawals.


  1. Limit eating out to once a week

Eating out on a regular basis becomes very costly and you can save a lot of money if you cut back. Eating out can be anything from going out for dinner with friends or even picking up that lazy takeaway on your way home from work. This doesn’t mean you need to lose out on your social life. If catching up with friends, then invite everyone around for a potluck dinner, or do a BBQ down at the beach. There are plenty of social things to do with friends that don’t involve dining out everywhere.

  1. Make your lunch

Taking your own lunch in from home may not be the coolest thing to do but it will definitely plump up your savings account. If you don’t have time, then make extras when cooking dinner and take in the leftovers into work the next day.


  1. Stop buying coffees

Do you buy a coffee on a daily basis? Perhaps you even buy two. A coffee can be $3 to $4. Do that on a daily basis and it begins to add up. By simply cutting a coffee out you can save over 1k in the year. Think about all the shopping you will be able to do overseas with that extra cash.

  1. Cut back or eliminate your car costs

There are many ways to reduce your car costs. Start taking public transport to work or organize a ride share with co-workers. See if your city has a car share program and sell your car. Think of all the money you will save on parking, registration, and maintenance costs.

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