Planning to visit Florida but not sure where to go? Make it Fort Lauderdale. This is a fun, relaxing destination that’s packed with interesting attractions. If you rent a car in the airport, you’ll also be able to visit some of the surrounding cities, and use the slightly quieter Fort Lauderdale as your base.

Here are some of the top attractions to check out if you’re heading to Fort Lauderdale:

The Fire and Safety Museum

This attraction is way cooler than it sounds, and it dates back to 1927. Sure, it’s a fun place to take kids, but it’s also great for adults, especially if you’re interested in antiques and history. Here, you’ll find some seriously old fire engines, and uniforms that were worn in the 1920s. Kids will enjoy the hands-on equipment, while adults will love the picturesque house the museum is located inside.


Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

This is another excellent option for people who love history, and this period museum will teach you plenty about both the history and the culture of the area. Once, this home was known as Barlette Estate, and was named after Frederic Clay Barlett’s wife Bonnet Lily. If you love the outdoors, you’ll go nuts for the extensive gardens, which include an Orchid Greenhouse, desert garden, hibiscus garden, and tropical garden. There are also some incredible pieces of art and paintings in the private collection, and you can take a tour to see the private living quarters.

The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to appreciate the incredible vehicles in this museum- some dating back to the early 1900s. All of the cars here are from the Packard Motor company, and you can either take a guided tour which will teach you about the vehicles’ history, or walk through the museum by yourself. Don’t miss some of the relevant memorabilia here, which includes lamps, car ornaments, and even custom shift knobs.

The beach

There are plenty of great beaches around here, which is why it’s definitely a good idea to consider car rental in Fort Lauderdale. The warm, pristine sand, and clear blue water is waiting, so be sure to bring your bathing suit. There are plenty of water sports, from snorkeling to scuba diving, however, you’ll also love lying on the beach and reading a book or listening to a good podcast.

The NSU Art Museum

Built in 1958, the NSU Art Museum showcases some of the area’s best art from the 20th century. Artis Edward Barnes designed the building, which encompasses more than 75,000 feet. There are more than 6,000 items here, which will give you an excellent insight into the art scene in South Florida. Sure, there are pieces by artists like Picasso, but hopefully you’ll also be able to appreciate the many pieces by local artists and artists from Cuba. There are both static and rotating exhibits, so be sure to check it out.

Las Olas Boulevard

Located in the center of downtown, Las Olas Boulevard is one of the most popular spots in Fort Lauderdale. You can buy a wide range of products (some that you didn’t even know you’d want or need) from the many shops, or gaze longingly at gorgeous pieces in the upscale boutiques. During the day you can explore the many art galleries and maybe even find a piece to take home, while you should definitely enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants here and follow it up with a few drinks and maybe even a little dancing at one of the many nightclubs.