Heading to Miami? This is one place where there are plenty of fun things to do- so many in fact, that you’ll probably want to spend some time thinking about your itinerary so you don’t end up overwhelmed. If you’ll only be in Miami for a few days, or you’re hoping to see as much as you can, consider renting a car in Miami.

Here are the best activities to do on your next trip to Miami:

Take the kids to a museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon if you’ll be bringing kids along. This museum has plenty of interesting, interactive exhibits which your kids will love, since they’re hands-on and cover aa variety of subjects, including everything from health and wellness to cruise ships.


See the Art Deco District

The Art Deco District is located in Miami Beach. Most of the buildings are hotels, and were built in the 1930s and 40s. This is a great way to understand some of the architecture and history of the area, so be sure to charge your phone or bring a camera along. This is a lovely district to wander through, or you can find somewhere nice to sit with a meal and cup of coffee.

Get out of Miami

Ok, so there are plenty of great activities and attractions in Miami. However, it’s still worth taking a road trip so you can see some of the other great sights within a short distance. If you rent a car in the airport, you’ll not only be able to use it to get from place to place within Miami, but you can also plan a day of exploring the surrounding areas. Take a trip to the slightly less crowded beaches in Fort Lauderdale, or even head up to Orlando if you’d like to check out the city and the theme parks for a few days.

Visit the Zoo

If you’re heading to Miami, you simply can’t miss a day at the zoo. Zoo Miami is becoming increasingly popular, especially for people who like to get up close to animals but don’t like seeing them in tiny cages. The great Miami climate means that you’ll be able to see wildlife from around the world, and you’ll be supporting a zoo which is an active leader in conservation and environmental initiatives.

Relax at the beach

Of course, no visit to Miami is complete without some serious beach time. Learn how to surf, frolic in the waves, or people-watch while you work on your tan. Combine this with a wander around the Art Deco District (it’s located right next to Miami Beach).

Explore Little Havana

One of the things that makes Miami such a fun, interesting place to be is its incredible culture. This culture has been heavily influenced by Cuba, and you should definitely take the opportunity to see this up close. Wander amongst the bustling streets, dance to Latin music, enjoy mojitos in one of the many great bars, and eat delicious food in the Cuban restaurants. Don’t forget to check out the street art, where you’ll see some of the figures that have shaped Cuba.

Go to the Miami Science Museum

While you may assume that this is a family-friendly activity, it’s also fun for adults traveling without kids. You’ll be educated about a number of different scientific fields, from physics to biology and chemistry. These exhibits are interactive and continually changing, so if you have time to check out one museum, make sure it’s this one.