Until very recently, it was virtually unthinkable to use Bitcoin for anything other than small, virtually insignificant transactions from the comfort of your own home.

However, with more and more companies now accepting Bitcoin following its meteoric rise and continued surge in popularity, it’s now possible to pay for almost anything using the cryptocurrency, including but not limited to your travel expenses whilst you’re holidaying halfway around the world. The convenience and safety associated with travelling ‘cash-free’ has been well documented and Bitcoin just adds another string to your bow in this regard and is perhaps a more convenient alternative to carrying around numerous cards with you or the somewhat outdated and relatively expensive traveller’s cheque.

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Source: bitcoin info via Instagram

With the large majority of holiday-goers now flying to their preferred destinations, booking flight tickets and securing accommodation are often the first steps to planning a holiday and the tourism industry is now largely an enthusiastic supporter of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Travel giant Expedia was one of the first major companies to accept Bitcoin and even individual airlines are starting to accept cryptocurrency payments due to overwhelming customer demand. Moreover, one of Japan’s largest travel agencies, H.I.S Co Ltd, recently opened up its doors to Bitcoin on September 23 and also offered some Bitcoin-exclusive commemorative packages to celebrate the event. Such special offers are now fairly common when it comes to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, with various gaming companies even offering very important person packages, which give customers access to exclusive destinations and unique competitions and tournaments.

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Source: H.I.S Japan via Facebook

After the planning of your holiday is complete, Bitcoin can also be used to enhance your travelling experience once you’ve landed. The purchasing of food and drink with Bitcoin as well as paying for other miscellaneous services has become extremely straightforward over the last few years. Companies such as Bitcoin Travel provide the user with thousands of businesses who accept the cryptocurrency around the world, as well as a list of bitcoin exchanges where it’s possible to convert into the local currency that you need. For evidence of just how easy it is to travel with Bitcoin, you need to look no further than programmer Felix Weis’ recent year-long trip around the world using only Bitcoin, where he documented his experiences with regards to the locals he met on his travels. His first-hand account shows just how far Bitcoin has come and to what degree it’s accepted internationally, as well as the changing attitudes towards using such currency amongst local merchants.

Those who are new to the concept of Bitcoin often ask what you can actually buy with it, but with the cryptocurrency’s growing popularity and abundance, it’s almost easier to list the items that aren’t possible to purchase through the use of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the tourism industry certainly stands out as one of its earliest adopters and with holiday goers constantly on the lookout for a currency which is both widely accepted and safe to use, Bitcoin ticks most of the boxes and looks like the most safe and secure method to date when it comes to paying for your holiday abroad.