Freezing wasteland or winter wonderland? Antarctica seems to be a continent of contrasts. While many perceive it as an uninhabitable place of freezing temperatures and not much else, few have discovered the beauty and diversity of this mesmerising wilderness. For tourists with a spirit of adventure, there is no better destination than Antarctica. Here’s why you should pack your bags and join an Antarctic expedition or cruise today.

Wildlife Haven

Antarctica is home to a vast number of animals that will surely add a unique touch to your experience. While there are no polar bears (that’s the Arctic you are thinking about), penguins and seals make regular appearances and seem unfazed by the presence of humans. Visits to South Georgia and the Falklands Islands are both worth your time as it is home to literally millions of penguins and seals.


Iceberg Straight Ahead

Icebergs have had a bad rap ever since Titanic, but we’re here to tell you they’re not so bad. In fact, icebergs are one of the most stunning natural phenomena on the planet. Antarctica is where you can spot these rarely seen natural anomalies, so don’t forget to have your camera ready.

And Speaking of Cameras…

There is a photo op around every corner during your trip to Antarctica. The area is tranquil and jaw-droppingly beautiful, from the amazing vistas to spectacular glaciers, snow-capped mountains and adorable penguins who have no problem posing for some memorable pics.

Where Have All the Tourists Gone?

For anyone who hates the crowds, you will unlikely come across more than a handful of fellow travellers during your trip to Antarctica. Forget about those popular destinations swarming with tourist; Antarctica is different. Because the area is one of the most untouched regions on earth, strict protocols have been put in place to only allow a certain number of ships to operate in its waters. No ship is allowed to come into contact with each other, which means you can enjoy a truly remote and pristine experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Temperature Control

Yes, Antarctica is known for its freezing temperatures and generally unstable weather conditions, but that only adds to your experience. Warm clothing from an outerwear company like DSG Outerwear is recommended. However, your cruise ship will be temperature regulated and cosy, so you will have no unpleasantries while on-board The snow and blizzards create a surreal atmosphere that has to be experienced to believed. And let’s not forget the sunsets, which give off almost every colour in the rainbow to mesmerise tourists, from bright red to green and everything in between.

The Drake Passage

While the Drake Passage is one of the roughest crossings on earth, many travellers see it as something of a rite of passage. Despite its sometimes treacherous conditions, the Drake Passage offers some of the most memorable experiences imaginable should be a must-visit to any traveller to the Antarctica. Conquering this two-day will leave you feeling invigorated, invincible, and ready to tackle almost any problem head on.