Package holiday deals are all very well and good, but did you know that the best way to cut costs and find a holiday that suits you in every way, shape, and form is to book it in a DIY fashion?

Before you panic and worry about where to start, wait!

Booking a holiday in this way is easy, and there are plentiful websites that will help you put together the individual facets of your break into your own bespoke package.

Let’s break it down into bitesized chunks.



Okay, so arguably the most important part of your break! Head to a site like Skyscanner to check out the cheapest flights and watch fluctuations in cost, before jumping in to book. Once you have finalised that all important flight, under no circumstances check the price again! If it’s gone down, you’ll feel very sick indeed, however the likelihood is that it could also shoot up in price too.

Getting from home to the airport

You might overlook this little step because it doesn’t seem pressing, but if you book your parking spot at the airport early, through someone like ParkBCP, you will grab the best bargains and you will also be able to forget about the logistics of your travel, and look forward to the more fun parts! I regularly use airport parking at Heathrow terminal 5, and find the cost and level of service second to none.



This is where you’re likely to get a little stressed, simply because you’re spoilt for choice. Think about your definite needs and search using a site like Sunshine or Travel Republic. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, look at Trip Advisor for up to date reviews and opinions.


Your final step is to book your return transfer from the airport to your hotel. This can also be done through sites like we mentioned above for cheap, but if there are several of you, why not consider sharing the cost of a private transfer, or even a taxi. Shuttle transfers will typically go around several hotels, and if you’re the last be dropped off you could find yourself waiting a while. Look at your options.


Added extras

Once you’ve finalised your DIY holiday, don’t forget to look at your insurance needs, because this is simply not worth forgetting! Use a price comparison site and search about to find the best deals.

There you go! Not half as difficult as you thought.