No matter if this is the first road trip or the tenth, it must be as epic and exciting as possible. Whether you’re driving around the UK or cross country, you’ll want to make sure to be fully prepared. Getting the car ready is only the beginning. Having the best road trip possible includes the best travel tips for both the car and the journey.

Getting the Car Ready

Begin with a bonnet to boot check over. The value of a great road trip is as important as the value of the car. Look into the fluids in the car and make sure they are topped off. Check the tyres to ensure the tread and inflation is at manufacturer’s standards. Load the boot with extra fluids and a fully stocked emergency kit. Include water in the boot as well; a few extra gallons might come in handy. Take the car for a spin to make sure everything sounds good, and the cruise control is working properly. Clean out the interior of the car before setting out, then get ready to stock it up with everything that will make your trip amazing.


What Goes in the Car

Remember to research the car’s load capacity to ensure you’re not over packing. Most cars have load capacity printed inside the driver’s side door. Pick snacks and other provisions into the car to make the trip better, but choose carefully. Make sure to bring protein-based foods to keep you going, and be cautious with the caffeine. A caffeine crash while driving causes dangerous drowsiness. Load up the playlist and connect it to the car radio before hitting the road. The radio must be a “set it and forget it” function of the car. Download all maps, as this will help back them up if you drive through a low-signal area. Set up the maps to come through the car speakers whenever possible. Better yet, buy paper maps inc case the electronic GPS fails for some reason. Load up clothes and toiletries into the boot or the back seat. Use cash on the trip if possible, as it is easier to carry and less likely to be declined. However, remember to separate the cash into different places for safety. Keep some in a pocket, some in a wallet, and still some in the glove box.

Road trips are wonderful experiences, except when they go wrong. Make sure your next road trip is everything you want it to be by getting ready for anything that might happen. Outside of busy streets, unforeseen weather, or strange local customs, nothing should get in the way of your next memorable adventure.