While travelling is a life-changing experience for most people, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. You’ll find that even the most incredible trip, while full of adventure will also include periods of boredom, when you’re stuck on a bus, on a train or in an airport and you need something fun to do.

Here are some fun things to do while you’re travelling:


Learn a Language

If you’re travelling to a country where you don’t know the language, learning the language can be a fun way to connect with the locals, learn more about the country and give yourself something to do while you’re bored in transit. There are lots of fun mobile apps and games you can use like Duolingo, Mind Snacks and more, and you’ll find that it’s a great way to ensure you’re getting a brain workout while still having fun.

Win some Money

Sports betting online is a great way to entertain yourself when you’re stuck in an airport waiting for a flight or in a hotel lobby waiting to be picked up. Not only is it a fun way to make watching sports more appealing, but you can win money that can then be used for your trip.

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Get Strategic

There are a number of mobile games that force you to really use your brain and think 3 steps ahead. Whether you’re a fan of Sim City and like the idea of creating a city that will ideally function like a well-oiled machine or you prefer games where you’re at war with other players, strategy games are a good way to ensure that your brain isn’t getting rusty while you’ve got lots of downtime on your trip.

Get Active

While there are plenty of mobile games that have you sitting on the couch, there are also some great ones that get you active. Whether you like WII, Playstation or something else, there are lots of options that will encourage you to get up and moving while you try and beat your friends or your high score.

Go Oldschool

Sure, we’re all attached to our mobile devices, but if you really want to be popular in your hostel or hotel, consider taking along a game of Uno or a pack of cards so lots of people can be invited to play and you’ll make life-long friends.

Try something new

New games are constantly being released, which is great news for people who do a lot of travel. Consider something like the new Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores, which is one of the best mobile games that has bee released recently, and made up of a collection of different levels that players need to guide their character through, like seaside cliffs and caves.

Another great option is Kingdom Rush, which is a series of tower defence games. The newest one is called Origins, which allows people to really test their strengths- the game takes serious skill.