For people who are over the cold weather, and prepared for another few months of low temperatures followed by snow, you should know that Israel is the place to go to escape.

This is a country that takes beach-culture seriously, and the diverse, fun, and interesting cities combined with the amazing opportunities to get outdoors (diving in the Red Sea anyone?) will have you raving about Israel to all of your friends.

Here are some reasons why you should enjoy summer and travel Israel:

The Beaches

The beaches on the western border of Israel stretch along the Mediterranean coast, with almost 200km of seashore. You’ll find another 14km of beaches along the Red Sea in Eilat, along with 35 miles around the Sea of Galilee. The beaches in Israel are incredibly diverse ecologically, and range from rugged, rocky coastline to large expanses of warm, sandy beaches.

In Tel Aviv, a long, gorgeous promenade is ideal if you feel like doing some people watching or going for a run or cycle. If you walk southbound, bring your camera or phone, since you can see Old Jaffa on the horizon.

 Sea Of Galilee Swim Sunrise Sky Israel Water

The Seas

The Dead Sea is one of the most interesting and beautiful marvels in the world. It’s actually a salt lake, and the lowest point on earth- it’s more than 300 metres deep. The harsh conditions make it impossible for any life to live here- which is why it has the name of the Dead Sea. However it’s well worth a visit, and tourists from around the world come to take photos of themselves floating in the water or slathered in the famous mud, which is full of minerals that are excellent for your skin.

Then, you have the Red Sea. If you enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling, this is the place to go, with incredible marine life rarely seen anywhere else.

The Nightlife

The Israelis love to party, and you’ll find plenty going on in Israel. Tel Aviv is a young, bustling city, and you’ll find some of the best clubbing here. You may not be expecting Jerusalem to be known for its clubbing, but once the sun goes down the Holy City becomes a great place for dancing to English, Arabic, and Jewish music.

The Culture

One of the best things about Israel is how so many cultures live together. In Jerusalem you’ll find churches, temples, and synagogue, while people speaking different languages and believing in different religions intermingle at the markets.

The Attractions

While there are a number of attractions in Israel, including the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, Jerusalem, and more, some of the more everyday attractions include the many clubs, bars, restaurants, and shops. There’s always something to do here, and you’re never far from a beach. You’re guaranteed to run out of time before you run out of things to do in Israel, so be sure to check out some flights to Tel Aviv so you can experience this country for yourself.