For anyone who has a full-time job, city breaks are the perfect way to travel. A city break could be 24 hours in a new city or a weekend plus a Friday or Monday if you can take a day off work, making it a mini-vacation.

To get the most out of a city break, it’s a good idea to completely disconnect from work. That means no emails, no work calls, and no “checking in, just because”. Disconnecting like this will actually mean that you can better concentrate and you feel fresh when you get back to the office.

City breaks give you a “taste” of a city, allowing you to see the main sites, relax, have a few nice meals and stay in an excellent hotel. Then, if you fall in love with the city you can make plans to return and spend some more time enjoying everything it has to offer.

Here are the best city breaks in Europe:



Berlin really does have it all- interesting people, great sightseeing, culture, history and scenery. If you enjoy clubbing you’ll love Berlin, since the world-famous nightlife makes it the place to really let loose. One of the most famous spots is Berghain Tresor, although you may need a backup plan since it can be hard to get into (and who wants to spend loads of time waiting in line?) Prizipal Kreuzberg is great if you’re having a weekend away with the girls, and the burlesque will have you dying to try a class, which the best place for cocktails is Limoandier.


Lisbon has been becoming increasingly popular with digital nomads and the city is attracting people from around the world. The edgy art galleries and busy markets make it a great city to have a wander in, and the tram is an easy way to see the city.

Alfama is a great place to visit, since it’s the oldest district in Lisbon and an awesome place to immerse yourself in the city. The Lisbon Cathedral is also well worth a visit.

Pink Street is the place to go if you’re looking to party, and you’ll find plenty of bars where tourists and locals are getting rowdy. For something a little more prestigious head to Lux Fragil or have a quieter night at the secret bar Park, which is located on a rooftop.


London is always well worth a visit, and there are plenty of ways you can avoid standing in line with all of the other tourists. Consider visiting a the Swaminarayan Temple if you’re into architecture, wander through Highgate Cemetery and see where some famous people like Karl Max and George Eliot were laid to rest, or jump on the bookshop barge which moors along the canal bank and sells a large range of books.

Pub culture is alive and well in London, so head out to your nearest pub, grab a pint and make friends with the locals.