Europe may not be the first continent that comes to mind if you’re seeking travel bargains. Many European cities, in fact, are notoriously expensive. Fortunately, there are notable exceptions to this tendency. The following seven cities, all in Europe, are ideal for bargain seekers who want to travel long term.

1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of Europe’s hidden gems, full of natural, historical and cultural attractions. This is a city that’s a fascinating combination of old and new. Set on the scenic Danube River, you can unique architecture, museums, shopping and great restaurants throughout Hungary’s capital. It’s also a place to find surprisingly affordable food, transportation and accommodations.

2. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, has a long and colorful history. Before becoming an independent nation, this region was ruled by the Soviet Union and, long before that, the Mongols. Today it’s a fast growing and modern city that offers travellers the opportunity to explore Ukrainian culture, which includes lots of historic churches as well as modern buildings and shopping areas.

3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has been an increasingly popular European destination since the fall of the Berlin wall. The best time to visit this city if you’re looking for bargains is in winter. However, due to extremely efficient and low cost public transportation and good deals on nightclubs, it’s possible to enjoy Berlin without spending a great deal of money.

4. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is a city with lots of charming parks, architecture from many historical periods, cathedrals and museums. It’s also provides travellers with some of the best values found in Europe. Some of the city’s most popular attractions include Radu Voda Monastery, Revolution Square and the Romanian Athenaeum, which has concerts, art exhibitions and other arts related events.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

While not as cheap as it was a decade ago, Prague is still a bargain compared to most European cities. It’s also one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse cities in Eastern Europe. While tourists focus on attractions such as Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, the entire city is full of charming streets, cafes, restaurants, churches and fascinating shops.

6. Athens, Greece

Greece has historically offered some of the best travel values in Europe. Although prices were rising for a while, the economic crisis in Greece made many people reluctant to visit Athens. Now, as the country is recovering, you can now find travel bargains through Expedia to visit many fascinating sites of this ancient city. You can visit sites such as the Acropolis and Parthenon and still be close to all of the modern conveniences of Athens.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a great European city that is often missed by people doing European tours. Yet it has unique Old World charms, beautiful Mediterranean beaches and a laid back lifestyle. People seeking to save money on accommodations can find many hostels, as well as guest houses known as pensions.