With summer just around the corner, every spare minute of mine is spent dreaming of how I’ll spend this year’s vacation. For me there’s nothing better than spending days on end with my loved ones, taking cute family photos, reading books in the bright sunshine and the best part: not having to go to work for weeks on end! I love getting away for a bit, refreshing the mind and creating some special memories. If you’re looking for some inspiration as to where to head off to, then check out these great summer holiday ideas:


1. A Sailing Holiday

If you love the ocean, there’s no better type of holiday than a sailing holiday – you’ll be right out on the water almost all the time. You can wake up and look right out on the ocean, enjoying the beautiful vistas from sunrise right through to sunset. One of my favourite things about sailing is that you’re in control, you can choose where to go and when. It’s also never boring as you can dock wherever, visiting interesting little towns along the way, trying the local cuisine and buying artwork to take home. You can also enjoy water sports, such as stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing, surfing and more depending on the conditions where you’re docked. If you love marine life, why not bring snorkel gear with you or rent some and do some snorkelling? If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not see if there are any good locations for some diving? That’s a wonderful way to see a different side of all the gorgeous marine life under the ocean. Interested in a sailing holiday but not sure where? Well, flotilla holidays in Greece can offer everything you could dream of in a sailing holiday, and more!

2. A Cycling Holiday

Cycling holidays are pretty easy to figure out: basically you head out on a bicycle and you cycle – but where you go and for how long is totally up to you. You can choose to go on a cycling holiday 100% independently, planning everything yourself, from the route, the accommodation and everything you’ll take. This is the most freestyle way to do it, allowing you the opportunity to design a holiday that suits your needs and dreams perfectly. If this seems overwhelming, there are companies that will curate a specific cycling holiday to suit your needs. They can even help carry your items between locations so that you’re not lugging tons of gear with you while on the bike, making a cycling holiday even easier and more enjoyable than before.


3. Beach Holiday

Heading to the beach is a great recipe for fun: you’ll be near the ocean, hopefully be blessed with a ton of warm whether and everyone’s in a good mood. If you love surfing, then a beach holiday is going to be your ultimate type of vacation. Beach holidays are great for families because young kids can be easily entertained at the beach for hours, all you need to bring along with your is a bucket and shovel, and they can spend the sunny afternoon decorating gorgeous sandcastles and seeing who can build the largest one. Be sure to pack a few essential supplies for your beach holiday such as a strong sunscreen, a protective hat for every family member and some large colourful beach towels! When heading to the beach I prefer to rent a house out so that we can have access to a kitchen to cook some of our meals, as that really helps to cut down costs when traveling. Boogie boards are really cheap and can prove to be a ton of fun too, they also require next to know skill level to use unlike surf boards which are a lot more challenging. They’re relatively inexpensive to buy and may work out more economical than renting if you’re going to spend more than a few days at the beach!

4. Skiing Holiday

Maybe you’re not planning a warm weather holiday after all! Maybe you’re going to wait until the temperatures drop and head to the mountains instead. There’s no need to have a skiing vs snowboarding debate, because no matter which sport you prefer, the truth is being out on the snow is one of the best feelings in the world! Looking out to see the beautiful snowcapped mountains, a ski holiday in France will make you feel your boots make foot prints in fresh powdery snow and that feeling when you carve your first line of the day: nothing quite compares! Heading off on a skiing holiday is a wonderful family holiday because you’ll be active together and you’ll be creating some really fun memories on the mountain. Be sure to take a ton of photos because the time will pass way too fast. If you have some family members who don’t know how to ski, be sure to choose a mountain that has ski school or comprehensive ski classes, so that everyone can get up to speed fast. It’s really fun to do runs together, but if everyone has considerably different levels, you can at least ride the lifts together, spending a few precious moments enjoying conversations in the icy quietness.


5. Camping Holidays

Many of my favourite childhood memories are from days spent camping with my family. It’s a wonderful way to explore more of your own backyard and to really unwind with your family. Be sure to take some marshmallows to toast around a camp fire, a pack of card games to play late one night and a bluetooth speaker so you can play some good songs to sing along to. Camping holidays are a great way to reconnect with nature, to disconnect from the stressors of normal day-to-day life and to really make the most of your time with your loved ones. The best thing about a camping holiday is that you don’t have to travel far to find somewhere special to explore. It’s about looking at a place with a different perspective. Rent or borrow a camper van, or even pitch a tent somewhere and spend the night looking up at the stars. Cook dinner on a gas stove and let your phones run flat for a few days, enjoying a much needed break from Facebook and other social media platforms. Enjoy the company of your loved ones and soak in the beautiful nature around you. You’ll probably feel your stress levels drop while you enjoy a much needed break from the chaos of normal, daily life! This is a great idea for a holiday especially with younger kids because they simply grow way too fast.