The temperatures are rising, the office is noticeably empty, and you are itching to get out of town… it must be summertime. A summer road trip is one of the most economical and enjoyable ways to beat the heat and indulge the seasonal travel bug — as long as you have the right car for the trip. Not every car offers the same value when it comes to fuel economy, comfort, and style, all three of which are undeniably important when you are making an overland trek. This summer vacation, you can ensure you can enjoy the open road in any of the following five excellent road trip–worthy vehicles.

But before you get buying – please remember that it’s important to carefully maintain your car’s tyres. Incorrect fitting tyres, tyres that are lacking tread or even the wrong tyres for the season can be potentially dangerous. Update your tyres for a reasonable price at and while you’re browsing online for car things, why not check out for the best autocare online.


If You Want Romance

The first test of a relationship is often your first trip together, but you can ensure the vacation goes smoothly if you plan a romantic road trip in a convertible. Though spacious enough for five, most convertibles are built to intimately hold just two, and the drop-tops’ open roof allows for breathtaking views that get the heart pumping.

The exceedingly sexy Chrysler 200 Convertible is particularly excellent for road trips because it is arguably the most practical convertible on the market. Unlike most drop-tops, there is plenty of space in the trunk and back seat to allow weeks’ worth of supplies. Plus, the ride is exceedingly smooth, preventing any romance-busting bumps and jolts along the way.

If You Want Thrills

Everyone knows that driving isn’t always about getting from here to there. Especially on long road trips, when you are cooped up in your car for hours on end, you need something fun to drive. Sedans and SUVs may be economical and safe, but for real road trip thrills, you should set your sights on a stronger, louder, beastlier vehicle: the muscle car.

Dodge’s muscle cars have always been testaments to the strength and style of past generations, and its new Challenger is no different. Along with modern precision handling and safety features, the Challenger offers simple, old-school power to provide an exhilarating ride. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the newest release from Dodge, is intoxicatingly fun to drive — but good luck finding it at a dealership. The Hellcat is so popular right now that Dodge is having trouble matching the demand, and wait lists are sometimes hundreds of names long.


If You’re Going Off-Road

When you imagine a car rolling through muddy trails, climbing rocky hills, and bursting through brush, you undoubtedly think of the Jeep Wrangler. Due to the iconic, one-of-a-kind Wrangler, Jeep has built its identity on rugged, rough-terrain driving. However, unlike other car brands that make promises their vehicles can’t keep, Jeep always delivers power, safety, and fun with the various Wrangler styles.

The Wrangler started life as a military vehicle designed to tackle the toughest terrain, and since its origins, it has only improved in its abilities to navigate off-road. The car comes standard with a bevy of features to help you navigate off asphalt: four-wheel-drive, locking differentials, rock rails, and more. Plus, the Wrangler handles well on highways too, so you can feel as comfortable on the road as you are off it.

If You Have Kids

Kids are stressful even while they are comfortable at home. During road trips, when you strap your kids into car seats for hours on end, “stressful” doesn’t even begin to cover it. That’s why family road trips need special vehicles to allow space and comfort for every passenger — not to mention every passenger’s belongings.

The minivan has long been the go-to ride for families, and its abundant seating and storage space makes it equally as great for long road trips. The Dodge Grand Caravan has often been voted among the top vehicles in its class for its excellent infotainment system, spacious cabin, and hands-free features. Kids and parents alike can breathe easier inside the Grand Caravan.


If You Want It All

One of the most alluring aspects of the open road is its unending possibility. Unlike plane or train travel, you are in control of your destination, which means you can change your route and itinerary anytime, anywhere. If you relish the freedom of the road trip and fully expect to go where the road takes you, you need a vehicle that is just as nimble on rocky, unpaved forest lanes as it is during the starts and stops of a busy city. That is to say, you need a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Grand Cherokee has all the features a free-wheeling road tripper could need: huge storage space, finely tuned suspension, strong engine, and impressive fuel economy. Like most Jeep vehicles, the Grand Cherokee navigates well on rough terrain, and with enough power to tow 7400 pounds, you can skip the hotels and stay on the open road for as long as you like.