Do you want to have a career that will enable you to travel for work and see the world while you are making a high salary with great benefits? Then continue reading for a list of just five of the many awesome career paths that you can take.

International Business Professional

When you become a professional in business, especially international business, a variety of doors will open up. You can work in everything from consulting and sales, to management, marketing, finance, and more, all while being able to collaborate with people from other countries. Is an MBA worth it if you’re trying to travel for work? Absolutely! If you want to enter this field and take advantage of the many career paths for MBA graduates, you will really need to prove your abilities and make yourself stand out from the many other business job candidates that are out there. The right education will lead the way. 

Traveling Nurse

If you want to work in the medical field as a nurse but you also love to travel, you can become a traveling nurse who makes a lucrative income while helping a variety of people. Whether you choose to take a job on the other side of the country or on the other side of the globe is entirely up to you, as there are plenty of great job opportunities available because qualified nurses are in such high demand. Once you get a job with a company, you might even be provided with accommodations, as well as a travel stipend, along with a competitive salary. 

ESL Teacher

ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers are needed in countries all over the world, but these types of jobs will be easier to get in certain nations than others. Requirements will also vary, as you might be able to find a great paying job with a bachelor’s degree in some areas, while others might require a more advanced master’s degree in education with TESL certification. You might be able to find employment in an amazing place where you can share your knowledge with students while enjoying the perks of having a job that lets you travel and see new things. 

Travel Writer or Photographer

If you want to be your own boss and you are comfortable with freelancing, you can consider becoming a travel writer or photographer. In this way, you can travel and write about, as well as photographically document, your experiences for others. 

Athletic Recruiter

Do you love sports? Then why not become an athletic recruiter so you can work for professional sporting organizations, colleges, and universities while you travel in search of the top young athletes? You will be able to combine your love of a sport with your love for travel, and you will be able to travel to a variety of events and schools and meet a variety of wonderful people along the way. 

Traveling for work doesn’t just have to be a dream. By pursuing a career like those listed above, you can have it all. Whether you get to fly on private charter with Jettly or business class on standard flights, there’s many ways to travel on the job.