There’s nothing more special than heading away with your partner, friends or family on a special vacation. When away on holiday, I shed away all the usual stresses of a normal working week and can really focus on connecting with those who are important to me. Planning a memorable vacation can be a little stressful, especially if you don’t go away often as you’re going to want everything to be perfect and special. Here are my top three tips for easily planning a memorable vacation that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.

1. Consider a Cruise
I think going on a cruise can be an excellent option for a relaxing holiday because you don’t have to plan too much. Simply find a cruise that works best for your budget and amount of time, and your hardest decisions will be figuring out if you want to do the day excursions or what delicious restaurant to eat in. I really enjoy booking cruises for larger groups because it makes it easier to plan the budget – most cruises include everything from food to accommodation, meaning that the only extras you’ll need to pay for are activities, alcoholic drinks and tips. It can be worth connecting with a Luxury cruise travel agency so that they can organise everything for you, so you can relax before you even have to leave home!

2. Take a Polaroid Camera With You
Yes, there are better cameras out there. Heck, your smart phone’s camera is probably better quality than a polaroid camera. But there’s something special about printing off a picture, waiting for it to develop and then seeing what you’ve captured. The photos are likely to be imperfect – some overexposed, some a little off centre, but that’s how life is. I also love taking a polaroid with me on vacation because it’s a wonderful opportunity to allow younger family members to get involved with taking photos, without worrying if they’ll damage an expensive camera or smartphone. We also so rarely print out digital photos anymore, so by taking a Polaroid you know you’ll have a few physical photos that you can display around your home or put into a photo album.

3. Go Back to Somewhere Special
If you’ve been somewhere before that you absolutely love, why not go again with friends or family? I think returning to a special travel destination can be such a special way to create a new family vacation while having the confidence to know where to go and what to do. It can be a great way to do a first family vacation with young children, as you’ll already know your way around and what to expect. If you love somewhere a lot and visit often, you might find it sensible to actually buy property there! Check out some of these options at Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas, the perfect option for a lovely vacation home. Just be warned, some of the homes are so gorgeous you might not want to go back home!

Vacations are supposed to be special, so with these three tips you have the perfect recipe for a special family vacation.