We all need that moment in our life when we need to go out in the wild and see what Mother Nature has to offer. It might be because you need time off from your daily work life in the form of a sabbatical, yearly celebrations like birthdays or just a reward for your accomplishments. Some of us love the pleasure of company while we are on break, but oftentimes, we relish being alone. In the endeavors of getting our own holiday by ourselves, we get to experience some awesome times and some bad ones. In a recent survey, it was found out that females are hesitant to travel alone due to some issues while traveling. However, with streetsmart, proper planning and understanding of basic stuff, like food, lodging, transportation and culture, ladies too can have a blast traveling alone.


Sexual discrimination

If you are a female in the twenty first century, you have probably experienced sexual discrimination in some places. Even with company, asserting your femininity is still a challenge. Whether you are just strolling in streets or being on transit, there are times when you get second-class priority as compared to your male counterparts. In addition, you may also be subjected to catcalls and unsolicited remarks.

To fight this off, you should plan ahead and travel to places that are more open- minded and sensitive to gender issues. You should also try to blend in by changing the way you dress or you speak, since some Asian countries are just offended easily when female travelers do not know their place. For safety concerns, always stick to well- lit and crowded places. If you plan to stay long in a place, it might be wiser to rent a place in a secured area. If you travel to the Philippines, you can rent a condo on Zipmatch, a property portal that features properties listed by licensed agents in the metro Manila region and all across the country.


Company (or the lack of it)

Some women travel to meet new friends around the world. While there is nothing wrong with that, many people instantly assume that you are out doing sex-related or dangerous stuff, since you don’t have anyone to stop you. Another thing about traveling solo is that a lot of men would assume that you want their company since they see you looking so desolate in a tiny corner of the bar.

These assumptions naturally stem from your lack of company, but don’t immediately gather people in your next travel just to solve these issues. If you enjoy your own company, by all means, do not let the negative assumptions stop you. Maybe families and friends are just worried of what you are up to in foreign lands, so take time to update and assure them. If you just want to make friends, it is better to stay in rental places than hotels. Not only will you blend in with locals, but you can also make connections with travelers in the area. Once again, there’re many property finders all over the world that can help you find a rental property so that you can better enjoy your stay.

Cultural Assumptions

Everybody is being subjected to unfair treatment, just because they belong to one culture. For example, Asian women are viewed with a lewd eye due to association with Asia’s prominent red light districts. Americans, on the other hand, are considered rude, while Europeans are being called out for elitism. Cultural assumptions are hard to erase, and even female solo travelers struggle from it.

Be courteous and respectful to the locals of the places you visit. They own the land; you are just a visitor. While it is true you add to their tourism statistics, you are expected to abide to their law and blend in. Learn their culture, as well as how they speak and dress. Your efforts will go a long way when you are trying to break a cultural stigma.