Planning your next holiday? How about an adventure? Cruises aren’t just for the Caribbean Islands; the Mediterranean sea has just as much to offer. Read on for three must-see destinations along the way, all of which are available as stops along the way if you travel with Cruise Deals, who offer jam-packed itineraries at the best prices around.



A Spanish masterpiece, Barcelona is a city that everyone should visit at least once during their lifetime. The influence of Antonio Gaudi is felt throughout the city, and especially at Parc Guell. Situated slightly outside of the city centre, this public park is a fine example of Gaudi’s skill for landscape gardening. Fantastic views and an arresting display of colours, ceramics, trees, plants and flowers, it’s certainly worth putting aside at a few hours so you can take your time. La Sagrada Familia is another fantastic sight. It’s been under construction for over 100 years now, and still to this day isn’t finished! With 2.8 million visitors per year, it is Spain’s most visited tourist attraction, and for good reason. Finish up the day on La Rambla’s, a long street of shops, bars and restaurants to suit every taste.


While not a name that instantly springs to mind when thinking of a Mediterranean Cruise, Larnaka is a Cypriot resort which offer culture and history in equal measures. History buffs will want to take a trip to Agios Lazaros and the impressive Hala Sultan Tekke mosque. This prominent Muslim shrine overlooks Larnaka Salt Lake, and is a place where thousands of pilgrims visit every year. Still wanting more? Larnaka also boasts a medieval castle and a monastery.



Although Venice can be incredibly busy in peak season, it is undoubtedly still very much worth a visit. A maze of alleyways, squares and waterways, there will always be a more peaceful part to stumble upon if you’ve got your walking shoes on. Don’t be put off by the slightly pungent waters; the canals that flow through the streets and under the local’s houses are enchanting and make Venice what it is. If you visit early September you’ll be there for the glamorous Venice Film Festival, while from November through to the spring, the crowds reduce in number and the city becomes misty and even more authentic. At anytime of the year you can visit the grand St Mark’s Basilica, a ginormous Catholic Church a few yards from the waters edge, or hire a gondola to take in the sites off-land.