It will come as no surprise to learn that an offshore survival course can teach you some pretty cool things. While most students have their heads stuck in textbooks, learning endless dates, equations, and statistics, an offshore survival course can offer something different, unique and thoroughly practical.

Here, we check out ten of the coolest things which an offshore survival course will teach you.

1. Escape chute training

The last thing anyone wants is for an accident to happen, but escape chutes tend to intrigue people. The escape chute training (ECT) module offers the chance to become familiar with the chutes in a safe environment.


2. First aid

First aid is a universally applicable skill which everyone should know but very few actually people get the chance to learn. It’ll be included in any offshore survival course.

3. Helicopter underwater evacuation training

The name says it all – this one’s exciting and includes the use of a helicopter simulator.

4. Teamwork

Any safety situation will involve a fair amount of team work. It’s easy to see why this will be a big part of what you learn in an offshore survival course.

5. Keeping your cool

Whilst you need to know what to do in an emergency, you’ll also learn about how to keep your head and keep a situation under control.


6. Working at height

Offshore jobs obviously involve working on unusual structures. Part of your training will involve learning how to work safely at heights.

7. Fire fighting

Far from being all about paperwork, much of this training is very practical and exciting. Fire fighting is a perfect example of how such a course will keep you on your toes.

8. Sea survival

Life rafts will be a part of your sea survival course. This is obviously essential learning for offshore work.

9. Leadership

As you begin to understand the environment around you and the things that are required of you, leadership will become a logical next step.

10. Self-rescue

Few things can give you as much confidence as that which you’ll gain when you’ve been through a thorough self-rescue module.