The iPhone 6s, the latest in a long line of superior Apple products, debuted on September 25, 2015. The introduction of another seminal smartphone means more decisions for consumers. Whether you’re already an Apple fan or an Android owner considering a change, you’ll want to research all you can about the latest product line. Here are four things to expect from the new iPhone 6s.


Pressure Sensitivity

Every smart device user has certain apps that they access the most. Whether you’re someone who texts a lot, constantly uses social media sites like Instagram, or must crush candy, you likely check your phone regularly. Historically, you’d have to leave one program to view another.

Pressure sensitivity changes all that. Now, you can peek in on one app while using another. The weight with which your fingers interact with the device determines its behavior. Simply by adding this functionality, Apple expands the user-friendliness of the device by several exponents.

Thanks to this technology, you can check on your emails or texts while working in another process. Apple calls the service 3D Touch, and it operates as a moving smart menu. Via hand gestures, you trigger shortcuts that will provide you more control over your iPhone. This process is equal parts revolutionary and intuitive. Once you have 3D Touch, you’ll never want to go back to the dark days before the iPhone 6s.


Sturdier Stuff

The iPhone 6, the previous iteration of Apple’s signature product line, suffered from a serious flaw. When placed under enough stress, the smartphone would lose its structural integrity. Dubbed “Bendgate,” it was a huge problem as well as a public relations nightmare for Apple. Customers cited basic circumstances wherein the bending occurred. Some even noted that it happened when they wore jeans that were too tight. The pockets would bow the phone contained within.

While the iPhone 6 soared to record sales, Bendgate dissuaded some consumers from upgrading to the latest version. In order to avoid the issue, the iPhone 6s includes sturdier materials. The aluminum chassis contains a stronger core, an alloy utilizing 7000-series aluminum and zinc to maximize the infrastructure. Apple testing indicates that this composite refuses to bend in most scenarios.

To cover their bases further, Apple is also using a chemically strengthened type of glass. This should prevent the unfortunate screen cracks that are an aggravating part of cellphone ownership. Apple believes that the iPhone 6s features the most forgiving smartphone skeleton of any device ever made. Get more information here about this brilliantly updated phone.


Building a Better Selfie

One of the areas where Apple fell behind the competition was its cellphone camera. The company never prioritized imagery in previous generations of the iPhone, because they felt that the camera wasn’t the reason people bought cellphones. But as selfies have become ubiquitous in our society, Apple has reconsidered.

The iPhone 6s features a 12-megapixel camera, a 50 percent bump from the 8-megapixel version included with several recent iPhone models. More important, its front-facing camera, the selfie side, has improved dramatically. Out is the laughable 1.2 megapixel camera. Its replacement is a 5-megapixel version that will deliver over four times the picture quality. In addition, Apple engineers designed the autofocus to enhance image quality on both the front and back cameras. You’ll take the best iPhone pictures to date with the latest model.


Blazing Speed

There are two ways the iPhone 6s will blow away all your expectations for phone performance. The first is in its processor chip. The latest model includes a powerful A9 processor, which Apple claims is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 6. They also doubled the RAM to provide better management of the iOS 9 software in tandem with the hardware. Finally, the M9 motion processor ties everything together to create a phone that’s as powerful as the latest editions of the MacBook.

The other way the iPhone 6s will perform faster than ever is via its WiFi and cellular signals. Apple crafted a design that maximizes all data communications, meaning you’ll download and stream faster than ever before. Amazingly, you’ll do all that while using less bandwidth per transaction. It’s a remarkable leap in communication technology.

The new iPhone 6s will thoroughly satisfy your anticipation. In every major phone behavior, it exceeds all past versions of the iPhone, while dwarfing the competition as well. It’s a masterpiece.