Mobile phones have become so much more than a means to call someone, they are as much a fashion state as the clothes we wear. In fact, some of us take the styles and capabilities of our smartphones so seriously that we can be deemed as behind on the times if we don’t know about the latest models. Here are five of the most fashionable phones to own, and what they’re capable of.

Moto G4

Described as a ‘budget smartphone’, its 5.5 inch screen combined with its Octa-core processor makes it both an attractive and powerful device. The slim design and large screen makes it appear almost edgeless, which is hugely popular right now thanks to the Edge models from Samsung. What is more, it makes the mobile ideal for gaming with Red Flush Online Casino, a dynamic gaming den for both novice and experienced players. Also, its 13 megapixel camera makes snapping that perfect selfie and then editing it all the more sweeter, which is great for Instagram fashionistas.


Huawei Mate 8

Very few designs take your breath away quite like this one: it is sleek, stylish, smooth and so lightweight it nearly feels like it shouldn’t be real. For those of you who think Apple has the monopoly on impeccable style, this device may cause you to change your mind. This desirable body houses a Kirin 950 chip that means only a small amount of power is consumed when it’s in use, and therefore it’s quicker opening your apps and playing those funny cat videos online. As you would expect with an already grand range of specs, the camera is 16 megapixels and boasts a clearer insight into picture taking.

iPhone 6s Plus

This is best described as an ‘all rounder’ that pretty much is ready to take on anything you throw at it, not to mention you have the infamous Apple label attached to your device, which proves a signifier of exceptional technology. Just under 5 inches (at 4.7), the screen isn’t quite as large as others on the market, but it is vibrant due to the Retina HD display, and therefore you’ll see the spin of the reels and the roll of the die at Red Flush Casino in a different light when compared with even iPhone 6s models. Furthermore, the fact that you can tap those apps in full confidence of how fashionable your mobile always looks, will undoubtedly satisfy all forward thinking men and women.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus

Staying on top of the latest trends isn’t something that is without challenge, and as such a phone that is prepared for all events, even those involving water, needs to be to hand. The Galaxy S7 Edge Plus is a big phone packed with technology that’s been modeled into an edgeless screen that is ready for shallow depths. It is one of the best phones on the market to rival that of iPhone, and for good reason. One of which being that it allows you to add more memory should you need to, an element that was removed from the Galaxy S6 models. Watch, listen, play, chat and do everything else you could possibly want to with your smartphone.


Known as the rival to Samsung, this curved piece of tech is prided on its durable screen and substantial performance, all of which allows you to carry out both basic and specialist actions. Moreover, the move to a metal body instead of plastic has meant that it’s more in-keeping with the aesthetic trends of the industry, and therefore it is a lot more fashionable. It could be argued as one of the less most wanted models in the market, but that doesn’t diminish how it looks and what it can do.