A decade has passed since the first smartphone as we know it, the legendary iPhone, was released. Since then an incredible number of smartphones have been sold – we had over 3 billion of them active at the end of last year, according to Ericsson’s 2016 Mobility Report. This massive shift from desktops to mobile devices has left its mark on the forms of entertainment preferred by their users. Today by “entertainment” we understand something different from what we did a decade ago. Here are the top 5 forms of online entertainment preferred by today’s smartphone users.

Mobile games

The mobile gaming industry has seen an incredible growth in the last ten years. So big, in fact, that it has bitten out a large chunk of the “traditional” games’ market share. This year both Nintendo and Sony have delayed the launch of their respective handheld consoles. Although neither of the companies admitted it, one of the reasons for this decision was the supremacy of smartphones on the mobile gaming market.

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The “other” types of mobile games

Since the early 2010s, mobile casinos have become the new norm. Today you can take Euro Palace with you on your mobile, play an amazing variety of games, make deposits and withdraw funds on your smartphone, just like it was a home computer. The Euro Palace was among the first to embrace this new mobile paradigm, growing its game variety and mobile presence constantly over the last few years. Today the Euro Palace has over 100 games in its mobile library, more than some of its competitors combined. And people want to use the Euro Palace mobile – the operator reports constant growth in its mobile clientele year after year.

Social networks

MySpace was the pioneer of social networks, but Facebook soon took over the market, becoming the largest social network ever to exist. Today, in turn, new ways of socializing on smartphones are emerging, appealing especially to the younger generations. SnapChat, Vine, and other ways to share experiences on the go, are among the preferred ways today’s teens – the future’s decision makers – to keep in touch. And their market share is expected to grow in the coming years.

Video streaming

Simply following other people’s video streams doesn’t do it anymore. But thanks to some new services, like Periscope or Meerkat, and the constantly broadening band of mobile internet connections, streaming your live from a smartphone is an increasingly popular online activity.

Movies and TV shows on the go

Some people find it hard to imagine how life without a TV would be like. Others have decided to “cut the cords”, and subscribe to online sources of their preferred original media. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and their likes, are just a handful of services that have replaced traditional TV channels in their lives, offering them their kind of entertainment whenever they want, for the right price – and without any ads.