With reports that the majority of all UK adults are now estimated to own a smartphone, apps for phones and tablets is an increasingly growing business. Here are four of the best apps to have on your device:



Whilst Spotify may be an obvious choice – due to its remarkable popularity – it remains the premium choice for users who wish to stream music from a gigantic catalogue. Crucially, it allows users to sign up for free under the condition that they must have adverts after every few songs.

It is available on computer, mobile or tablet, but on the latter two only shuffle play is allowed, meaning limited functionality. However, for £9.99 a month Spotify Premium is available. This allows you to play any song or album from the app’s vast collection without adverts. Downloading music is also permitted for offline listening. To entice new users there is almost always offers for new subscribers.

A really positive recent addition is the ability to stream music through a PlayStation 4 device at no extra cost, regardless of which subscription you are part of. This is welcome as it allows your favourite song to be played whilst tackling a game – allowing you to create your own atmospherics.


Both Android and IOS systems have an incredible amounts of games to download from their stores. Betway offers a huge amount of entertaining games for users to enjoy at their fingertips. Their app is available on both operating systems and hosts many entertaining games including Mega Moolah. Furthermore, they also offer a welcome online bonus of up to £1000 when you play their online slot games.

Their games offer titles that would normally be seen on the Vegas Strip, but at the player’s own convenience, without having to even leave the comfort of home. For the movie-goers, there are even film-themed slot games that allows you to relive your favourite Hollywood moments.


Face swapping

A craze that has taken over the internet in recent months has been the ability to accurately and hilariously swap the facial features of two people in a number of different apps before sharing the results online. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest and most successful apps in this has been MSQRD.

This free app was recently bought by Facebook as they look to expand their product and technology, so it is likely to change the way that the social media site is used in the near future. It was also recently named as one of the best new social apps.

Video editing

Whether it is for social media integration or simply your own memories, video editing apps are becoming a necessity these days. One of the best is IMovie, which is exclusive to the IOS system and costs £3.99. Its smooth interface allows for quick and easy editing of long videos – making a potentially laborious task very simple.

It also allows for voiceovers, titles and photos to be added, making it a bargain and very user-friendly. Compatibility with 4K is also a recent and welcome addition.