Are you thinking about buying a cherry picker for your business? A cherry picker is a big investment, so you may be considering if you really need one. Here are some of the most important benefits of buying a cherry picker:

Cherry Pickers are Safe

Cherry Pickers are much safer than using scaffolding or ladders since they feature guardrails which prevent falls, help prevent workers from becoming too tired from climbing up and down, and also provide space for materials and tools so workers can have both their hands free. They can also be accurately positioned, preventing workers from over-reaching and providing more ergonomic conditions for work.


Cherry Pickers are Productive

Workers who get to avoid the tiring and tedious climbing and can reach the exact aerial job site safely and quickly, who have all of their materials and tools (including electrical points) already on the platform with them, and have both hands free to work safely and quickly can therefore focus more on the job at hand and perform better. This leads to higher productivity on job sites.

Cherry Pickers are Time-efficient

Let’s face it, continuously climbing up and down ladders in order to reposition them as the job progresses is both risky and time consuming. Erecting scaffolding, getting approval before use, and then dismantling or repositioning that scaffolding can easily add days to the work schedule. The best cherry pickers require zero time to set up, can easily be positioned accurately, and can also be moved by the worker once they’re on the platform and the platform is elevated. This equals huge time savings, along with fewer workers needed on site.


Cherry Pickers are Cost-effective

Because so much less time is required to complete each task, this significantly increases worker’s productivity, and reduces the risk of serious safety incidents. This means that the cost of operations is significantly reduced.

Cherry Pickers are Multi-use

One of the great things about cherry pickers is the fact that they can be used in so many different ways. Once you own a cherry picker you may be surprised by just how often you use it, and there’s no reason why you can’t hire it out on days when you don’t need it at a site.

One of the most common uses is for building maintenance, and when buildings need to be cleaned or painted they often require awkward angles. Cherry pickers can have the mobility they need to reach different parts of the building without compromising their safety.

Cherry pickers are also often used for filming events, and equipment can be mounted up high to give people watching at home a bird’s eye view- great for things like large events and sporting games.

Picking fruit is another obvious use for a cherry picker. Since users can get up high in orchards, they don’t need to worry about falling an can get fruit which would previously be unreachable.

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