Is your partner a fan of anything tech? Then you’re going to want to find them a gift that appeals to their nerdy side. These gifts can be hard to choose when there are so many websites like Mobile Mob out there to shop with. Whether you are looking for a designer phone case or an accessory for your smartwatch – you can find it online. When I say tech gifts you might instantly think of something that’s expensive and a big financial commitment, but there are a few tech options that are affordable. Here are some quirky gift ideas for the gadget lover in your life:

1. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
This is something that’s pretty affordable but can quickly transform your mornings from bland to exciting. There are a ton of bluetooth speakers at a variety of price points, ensuring that this is a gift that wont break the bank. It’s also something people rarely think to buy for themselves, so it’s a super original gift that’s likely to get used every morning. If the person you’re buying for is anything like me, then they probably struggle to get up and going in the mornings and a bluetooth speaker is a wonderful way to transform their mornings. Looking for something a little different? Check out this great hoop building.

2. Calibration Weights
Perhaps you’re searching for the perfect gift for a business owner who needs a very precise measurement system? There’s nothing better than high quality calibration weights. The fact is a measurement that’s a tiny bit off can end up costing a company hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost profit. Click here now to check out some great options for calibration weights.

3. A Drone
Is there anything better than a drone? It’s the ultimate gadget – smart camera meets flying machine. You can use it to follow you around when you’re out adventuring, such as on a mountain bike or catching a wave. I also find that another great use for a drone is using it to take family pictures – that way you can have everyone in the photo and you don’t need to have an awkward person standing at the front taking a selfie. There are drones available at many price points, so you don’t have to drop thousands of dollars to make your partner happy although I do think it’s best to invest in a quality drone built to last.

4. A Charging Station
It can be a nightmare dealing with a number of cords hanging around your bedside table. A slimline charging station can be an excellent way to organise all your cords, charge your electronics better and ensure that everything has a place. I think charging stations are especially useful if you have both a smart watch and smart phone. You can use the charging station dock as a way to look at your phone like a clock, which makes your bedside table seem even more organized. Likewise there are some charging stations that offer wireless fast charging, so that you can charge your phone in a fraction of the time that normal chargers offer. Cutting down on wires also cuts down on clutter, making everything tidier!

Almost everyone loves a tech gift, so if you’re searching for an interesting gadget gift for a tech lover, this list is a great place to start!