Do you have a family member who is a budding scientist or someone who’s considering a career in science? If you do, then you might be struggling to find them a special gift that they’ll truly love. Here are some gift ideas for the science lover in your life:

1. Head and Brain Models

Maybe you have a child that’s super fascinated by the human body and hoping to get into medical sciences when they’re older. Why not encourage their love for science with an educational prop, such as a head and brain model. The brain is a relatively complicated body part, so having a model is a wonderful way to explore how everything works together and a wonderful gift for a wannabe doctor. Check out these incredible brain models.

2. Scientific Scales

There’s a big difference between scientific scales and normal kitchen scales. If you know a budding chemist, then they’re going to be fascinated by anything chemistry related. Scientific scales are much more accurate than standard scales, meaning they’re a perfect option for weighing sensitive quantities such as powders or liquids. In scientific experiments being off by a fraction of a gram can make a huge difference as to whether an experiment works properly or not. Digital scales can vary so much in quality and accuracy, so make sure you do your due research!

3. A Science Focused Holiday

Do you have a wonderful science museum available to you locally? If not, that can be a wonderful reason to take a family vacation. There are few things as exciting for a budding scientist as heading to a wonderful science museum that helps them explore their own curiosity. There are so many great options around the USA or further abroad if you’re interested. For example, there’s the Museum of Science in Boston which offers different sections that focus on specific ages, for example the Level One Discovery Center, is perfect for toddlers right through to 8 year olds. There’s also the Level Two Science in the Park exhibit which caters for all ages. If your child is an astronomy lover, then there’s probably no where better to go on planet earth than NASA Goddard Visitor Center in Maryland. You could make your child’s dreams come true by visiting this wonderful place.

4. A Microscope

You can find microscopes in a variety of price points and qualities. For younger children who are interested in science, buying a cheap child focused microscope will be perfect. They can use it to explore things that they can find around their home or garden. If your child is older, then you’re going to want to invest in something that’s higher quality and more professional. Looking at things under a microscope is a really special experience, and can be a wonderful way to entertain your child for hours. Be sure to choose a microscope that suits their age. You can also check online for good quality second hand microscopes at bargain prices to save yourself money!

Buying a science focused gift is a wonderful way to encourage your child’s passions and hobbies.