You gamers out there will be more than aware of the rising cost of games, meaning once you’ve paid the initial pay out for your console equipment, the money never stops. If you want the up to date games, you have to pay up to date, high prices, and that can be a serious pain in a gamer’s behind.

There are a few sneaky ways you can save cash on games for your PlayStation/X-Box etc., and it’s all a case of thinking a little cleverly and outside of the box.

Think about these for example …


Go second hand

EBay is flooded with cheap games, and as long as you’re careful and check that they’re genuine, there’s no reason not to grab a serious bargain. If you can save a bit of cash on the retail price, then that’s money in your pocket. It’s also a good idea to check listings in ad-mags and newspapers too, because you could sometimes find someone selling their console and wanting to get rid of games in bundles. You might find you grab yourself a serious bargain.

Compare prices

Price comparison sites are the bargain hunter’s best friend. Head online and compare major retailers, and then simply go to the cheapest one. Easy!


Part exchange

Head into your local game store and ask about selling your old games back to the store. This is possible in several big name stores, and if you can get yourself some money for your old games, you can put that towards the cost of a new one, almost like a part exchange programme. Clever!

Buy online

Sites such as Amazon are generally cheaper than the high street, so always make online your first port of call, even if you only look at the general cost and use it as a guideline. You don’t want to be paying over the odds if at all possible.


If you have any gamer friends, why not swap games for a period of time? There are online communities that do this kind of thing too, so look for gamers in your local area and swap your games, meaning you get to play before you buy, or simply get it out of your system without needing to buy at all!

Whilst gaming might be an expensive business, if you can find ways to cut corners and cut costs, then you’re well on your way to reaching the next level!