With summer fast approaching, party season is upon us.  Whether you are hosting a BBQ, a dinner party for friends or a big summer party, take a look at our favourite food and drink gadgets to help you host the perfect party.

Think outside the box

You’re sure to be attending an endless list of summer parties, but by taking a more unique stance you will be sure to host a party to remember.  Investing in an ice cream maker is a great way to make an impression.  Making your own ice cream gives you the freedom to decide exactly what is added and is perfect for those who love everything homemade.

Shake it up

A cocktail shaker is a really fun party essential to help you make an impression.  You can protect your shaking skills with an online guide or video tutorial and soon you will be taking requests from all your guests.  The shakers allow the ingredients to cool and can even be used for non-alcoholic cocktails.  Cocktail shakers typically start from around £10 and more professional sets could cost up to £100.  So whether you prefer a mojito or a cosmopolitan, you can enjoy cocktails from the comfort of your own home.


Keep it cool

Back bar bottle coolers are a great investment for parties and every day use.  You can make them a display feature in your kitchen, showing all the drinks you have to offer your guests.  They are a great way to keep drinks cool without taking up essential space in your other fridge.  They come in all shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one to suit your kitchen.

Make your desserts even tastier

Don’t forget to think about what desserts to offer your guests.  If you enjoy baking and want to make the perfect dessert for your guests, then a kitchen aid is an essential.  They speed up baking and take away the strain of mixing.  Many even offer attachments to make pasta, prepare meat, or to chop your vegetables for you.

Don’t forget the smaller gadgets

There are so many innovative yet simple gadgets that you need to get your hands on.  Something as simple as an apple corer makes tediously cutting up apples a thing of the past.  This gadget does the job in seconds and prices start from just £1.  Investing in a good juicer for lemons, limes or oranges is also essential, especially if you are starting to perfect your cocktail making skills.  A garlic twist saves time and is a lot easier to clean than a conventional garlic crusher.

We hope these gadgets give you inspiration for your next party.  By kitting your kitchen out with these modern gadgets you’re sure to host an unforgettable party.