You may get many benefits when you reserve domain name, but one of the best is the distinction you get. Your online identity introduces you to the world. You or your business is the only one on Earth that can be found at your domain name. You appear online like a professional expert in your field, which may give a big boost to your business. Your own domain name will increase your website’s positioning on search engines.

A Catchy Name

A domain name that is short and catchy helps people remember you. It should either be the name of your business or relate to it in some way. It can even be shortened by eliminating certain letters, usually vowels, to make it more memorable. Short names are easier to spell, easier to remember and easier to brand.


Relate to Who You Are

Whether your domain name is for an individual or business, when people see it, they should immediately think of you. This is also important for search engines. It could include your type of business and a city name such as, or if you sell scented candles, may remind people of your business.

Be Original

When you choose a domain name, make sure it is not similar to another one. Originality is important for bringing visitors to your website and not to a competitor’s site. If you sell discount cosmetics, your domain name should not be similar to another cosmetic company, or it could get half of your customers.

The First Step

Before you build your website you need a professional email address. For your next great project, make sure you have secured the right domain name so you can get your new email address and do all of your communication based on your new domain.

Plan Ahead

You may have launched a product at home, but would like to go international as soon as possible. You need to register your domain name in the countries where you want to do business. After you have registered in Europe or Asia, you can be sure that you will be found anywhere you want to do business.

Your domain name could have your personal name, but that may not be available. For example, is most likely taken, but you could use jsmith or another variant. If there is no variant, you could select a name that relates to your product or service, so people remember you. An example is

Your domain name is much more important to your business than its name. It represents you to the vast number of potential customers who are online looking for what you offer. Your business name could be your domain name, but experts recommend that you register a few others that relate to your keywords, if for no other reason than to prevent your competition from using them. Extra domain names may be even more useful in directing traffic to your site than your business name.