South West London is becoming the place to be as many families look to take advantage of the lower prices compared to other spots in the capital. Reports from earlier in the year found that the number of people moving from more affluent regions like Kensington or Chelsea has increased this year which, isn’t surprising as prices in Fulham, the area’s most expensive district, are still less than half what you’d expect to pay in neighbouring Chelsea. Moving to the South West isn’t simply about saving cash, though, the area benefits from a varied mixture of property and cultural landmarks.


Kingston-upon-Thames is primarily known as a prime shopping destination. The Bentalls department Centre features over 500 different shops and draws in over 20 million visitors every year. Don’t just think the area is just a tourist trap, though, it’s also a great place to live. There’s also enough new places to eat and locations to visit to keep home owners interested in the long-run. According to RightMove, the average price of a property is just over £500,000. This puts prices lower than many other areas in the region, with flats typically selling for £335,000 and terraced properties £465,000.


Located just ten miles southwest of the Centre of London, Twickenham has seen significant investment thanks to the arrival of this year’s Rugby World Cup. The area has a long history that dates back to Pre-Norman times, where you’ll find a wide range of different properties, from modern flats to Victorian and Edwardian homes. According to RightMove property prices are around £585,000 at the moment. While the majority of sales come from flats under £400,000, you can also find terraced and semi-detached homes for upwards of £680,000 if you need more space.


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Richmond is a more affluent suburb in the South West, around twenty minutes from central London. Since there are a large number of parks and open spaces in the area, it’s very popular among families. Residents of Richmond were reported to be the happiest people living in the capital according to the most recent Happy Home Index. All this comes at a price, though, as the average semi-detached property will cost you north of £1 Million. When shopping with local agencies like Featherstone Leigh, though, you can find flats in the area for around the £450k mark.

If you’re familiar with the area, let us know about your own experiences. For those in the market for a new property right now, don’t forget to take a look at our 5 tips for choosing your new home.