I recently discovered that the color of your bedroom reveals some key insights into your personality. Julian Charles has done some interesting research into the psychology of bedroom colours, and I was surprised at just how spot on those insights were.

For example, I had a pink bedroom growing up. According to Julian Charles, this means I’m a kind-hearted optimist, and I easily see the good in other people. It also means i can be shy and reserved. While most people wouldn’t associate me with being shy, I’m actually an outgoing introvert, and can find it difficult to deal with large groups of people. If you’re considering using pink in your bedroom, it’s a great way to highlight your warm, maternal side. It’s also inviting and pairs well with a number of colours, from white to dark navy.


Now that I’m older, I’m probably going to switch to a grey bedroom. This is because I’ll be settling down in one country next year, and grey represents stability. It’s also for people who stay calm and don’t panic- regardless of the situation. And this is definitely something that I’d love to channel. I was recently at a friend’s apartment which she has recently decorated, and grey was a feature throughout. I loved how she layered with light and dark colors, along with pink, navy, white, and gold. Grey is an excellent colour for mixing and matching styles and textures, which will be great for when I want to incorporate some of the art and souvenirs I’ve bought from around the world.

I’ve always wanted to have a yellow bedroom (or at least a feature wall). Apparently, people who have yellow bedrooms are generally artistic and love to dress to impress (both themselves and their bedrooms). Another option would be green, which apparently represents selflessness. This is a nice option for people who tend to put everyone else first. Just as these people are open and ready to lend a shoulder to someone in distress, bedrooms in this colour are welcoming in the same way.

You can do a surprising amount with green, from furniture to accent walls. Another good way to work plenty of green into a room? Choose lots of different plants. If you’re considering painting your room, or you’d like to incorporate some of these colours in other ways, Julian Charles has a wide range of soft furnishings to help you decorate in all of these colours.