They say a house is not a home – but it can definitely be transformed into one! Decorating your house properly can really make the most of it and it can create a relaxing and welcoming environment you will definitely want to turn to after each long day of work. Even more than that, making a home more “homely” is not necessarily something that should push you into breaking the bank – on the contrary though. There are many simple, effective and affordable ways of decorating your house – and we have put together the very best ones!


Print Out Photos

Making a house more comfortable and cozier is not necessarily related to your appliances, heating systems and technological comfort. It is also about the psychological factor as well. And when it comes to this, nothing else can work better than making sure that familiar faces and favorite places surround you everywhere you turn. Printing out photos is an inexpensive way of making sure that your home really feels warm and cozy – and you can really get creative with their arrangement as well! Keep in mind that too many photos may make the place feel crammed, so pick yours carefully and place them “strategically” around the house. Choose those photos you really like, use and you will definitely improve your level of wellbeing at home!


Your living room sofa is one of the most noticeable items in the room, so you should really decorate it a bit. Placing a few cushions on it will automatically change its appearance and the way in which the entire room looks. Since cushions are really inexpensive (and you can even make your very own unique, personalized covers for them very easily), this will be an amazing way of improving the looks and of your home.



OK, you don’t need to transform your house into a botanical garden, but you can definitely reap all the benefits beautiful and nice-smelling flowers can bring into your life. There is a huge variety of them out there, they are inexpensive and planting them yourself will be extremely easy as well. From lilies to ferns, there is a huge number of options – pick those that work with the rest of the décor and place them around your home (even in the kitchen or bathroom) to beautify the place and make it feel more homely.

Proper Light

Ensuring that your home is properly lit is another thing you should do if you want to improve the feeling your home gives you. To emphasize natural light, pick light, beautiful curtains that complement the rest of the room as well. Also, make sure that the artificial lighting sources you use are well-placed as well. Choosing your lights the right way can work miracles on the appearance of a room and it can make it feel larger as well – do make sure you invest in lightning appliances that look nice and offer you precisely what you need and you will definitely not regret it.