Autumn is officially here, which means that the temperatures are dropping and the weather is getting blusterier.

The upside of this is that you will be spending more time indoors, so ensure your home is ready for autumn with these ten top home interior tips from award-winning fitted room specialists Norwood Interiors:


  1. Show off artwork with autumnal themes or colours — Scenes of nature splashed in orange, golden yellow or rusty tones will work great, as will oil paintings that are dominated with brown, burnt umber and red hues.
  2. Try a darker palette — Autumn isn’t just about orange, brown, red and all of those other colours that you often associate with the season. Decorating a room with a darker palette (like a dark blue) will create a serene, cosy vibe.
  3. Opt for plaid patterns — Nothing screams cosiness more than plaid. What’s better is that it can be used on everything from bedroom pillows to a throw over your couch and your dining room chairs.
  4. Invest in lamps — You’re going to be faced with increasingly shorter days as autumn progresses. Instead of having the main lights on in your home, opt for the peaceful, soft glow of table lamps.
  5. Enhance your bed and sofa with a cosy throw — You will feel snug when you’re wrapped in a throw in front of the TV or enjoying a lie-in on a chilly day. Throws instantly change the look of a room too!
  6. Get the fire burning — Is there a more relaxing scene when it’s cold outside than the warm glow of a fire burning in your sitting room?
  7. Decorate a fireplace with seasonal décor — As well as having a fire burning nicely, autumn is the time to decorate your fireplace with seasonal items like dried leaf vines, mini pumpkins and candles.
  8. Swap out your bathmat — That thin rug that you used throughout the summer just won’t cut it now that the temperatures are dropping. Swap it for a luxe carpet bathmat and you’ll instantly feel snug every time you step out of a bath or shower.
  9. Go for heavier curtains — It’s time to put your thin curtains into hibernation, as those with heavier fabrics will hold much more air out of the room. New curtains are another simple way to bring autumnal or darker shades into rooms throughout your home.
  10. Display a wreath — No this hasn’t suddenly become a Christmas article. Put an autumnal spin on a festive wreath by creating one made up of leaves in shades of orange, red, brown and yellow.