If your kitchen has seen better days and is starting to look more “retro” than stylish, then it may be time for a kitchen renovation project. Kitchen renovations are one of the biggest renovations that you can take on in your whole house and have a huge impact. This also means they can be one of the most expensive renovation projects out there.

So what happens if you’re living on your student budget as you work towards earning your masters in business administration online at Northeastern University and you really want to do a kitchen renovation? Well we’ve come up with some tips you can use that will allow you to update the space, even if you are an online MBA degree student on a tight budget.

Change Out the Hardware

If you’re looking for impact in terms of modernizing the space, take a look at your current hardware on your cupboards. Cupboard handles are one item that will date the space significantly and also set the tone in the room. Change out your aging hardware for something modern and stylish. This will alter the way your cupboards look and can even give the illusion that you’ve actually installed new cupboards.


Update Your Cupboards

Installing all new cupboards can be quite costly, but you can change the look of them in a more cost-effective way. Refinishing your cupboards will give them a whole new look and is a fraction of the cost of fitting new cupboards. This is also something you can do on your own with the proper tools and knowledge.

As an added touch you may want to look at creating a focal point by cutting the center out of a couple of the cupboards and replacing them with glass. This is something you would typically find in a custom kitchen and will add elegance to the room.

Look at the Lighting

Lighting is another way you can update the space in a big way. If you’ve had the same lighting for more than 10 years, then it’s definitely time for an update. You may want to consider installing a pendant light if the space allows for it. This is one of the trendiest fixtures out there.

Add a Backsplash

This is something that can be relatively inexpensive or add up fast if you aren’t careful. Be sure to set a budget for the backsplash before you start shopping and then be firm with that budget. There are plenty of cost-effective options out there, and many that are easy to install yourself.

Change the Paint Color

Of course when it comes to maximum impact for the lowest amount of money possible, it’s hard to beat what a new paint color can offer to a space. You can warm up a room, make it look more modern, traditional, whatever you like. Simply by changing the paint color the entire room will be different.

Don’t Let a Budget Stop You

When it comes to kitchen renovations there’s no reason that a tight budget needs to hold you back. It’s all about making smart choices that offer maximum impact.