While it’s beginning to get cold, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about how you’ll use your outdoor space (whether it’s your front or backyard) in the spring and summer. In fact, planning all of the enjoyable times you’ll have outside with your friends and family can be a great way to beat the winter blues.

Right now, your outdoor space may be looking a little grim. But this process is all about seeing the potential so you’ll have something to look forward to when the days get a little warmer.

Here are some ways you can freshen up your outdoor space.


Check your plants

Are your plants thriving and healthy? Sure, they may not be looking the best if it’s winter, but you can probably remember the way your garden looked in spring, summer and fall. Do your plants and flowers tell a story? Do they make people want to wander around your garden or at least gaze at the lush leaves and pretty colours?

If you know your plants aren’t looking all that great, but you have no idea how to make your garden shine, it could be time to talk to an outdoor designer or landscaper, who can teach you the best ways to use your space and the best plants and flowers for your specific situation- depending how much time you have.

For those who are busy and don’t have the time for a lot of upkeep, you can easily find plants that will flourish with little care, and if you’re new to gardening, you may even find that it becomes a great way to relax.

invest in some furniture

Once you’ve got a nice garden to spend time in, it’s time to invest in some furniture. For those who enjoy dining outside, a large table with sturdy chairs will work well, and for those who like to snuggle under a rug with a glass of wine (maybe in front of an outdoor heater), outdoor bean bags are an excellent option. These bean bags are sturdy, comfortable, and you’ll find that they’re often the first thing a guest will choose when they come over, due to the interesting experience of sinking into the beans.


Focus on Water

Water features can completely change the look of your outdoor space, regardless of the size. Still water is a better option for those who are concerned about the environment, while fountains can give the space a nice calming background noise.

A pond is a good way to make use of the space if you have an empty lawn, and you could also put toads, frogs, or fish in the water, and goldfish are an excellent option as they’ll eat any mosquito larvae in the summer.

Another good way to introduce some water into your space is to buy a hot tub. This can be a rather large investment, but you’ll be sure to use it after working all day, and friends will be begging you to let them come over and enjoy a glass of wine in the warmth.