Selling a probate property can seem a daunting task.  On top of the usual stresses of property sale, there may be the strain of recent bereavement, applying for a grant of representation (the legal right to deal with a deceased person’s assets), and handling additional legal complexities.  Here are some creative but simple methods to stir up interest in your probate house, so that finding a buyer is one less thing to worry about.

Hold an open house

It’s an old strategy but proven to be effective.  Metro magazine notes that as of 2014, open houses were becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a method of property marketing.  If you’re a dab hand at hosting dinner parties or get-togethers, then you’ll breeze through an open house.  It’s a good idea to place clear, eye-catching signposts at intersections near your house to draw in viewers.  Open all the curtains to let in plenty of light and make rooms seem cheerier, and play soft, relaxing music in the background to put visitors at ease.  Refreshments, too, never go amiss.  Greet visitors warmly and be available to answer questions, but don’t hover too much.  Leave people to explore freely and get a feel for the place.


Go virtual

Nowadays, you needn’t even get up from your laptop to hold an open house.  Why not create your own website, and post pictures of the property, accompanied by descriptions and details, to create a virtual ‘walkthrough’?  Social media can be your friend here, helping you to publicise your website quickly and easily.  Post on any and all social media platforms to get the word out!  And social media can be a great way of listing a property for sale, even without a link to a website.

Apply a lick of paint

If the décor is outdated or distinctive, it’s worth redecorating in a more neutral style, to allow potential buyers to envision their own preferred colour scheme and furnishings.  BBC Homes recommends painting walls in pale, earthy shades. Be sure to remove any items that are very personal, or might appeal to very specific tastes, as these may make it difficult for buyers to picture the place as their own.  This doesn’t rule out small, colourful accents such as flowers, though, which can brighten the place up and increase its appeal.

Lean on the experts

It’s possible the above may be too time-consuming or stressful for many.  Some may find spending time in a deceased loved one’s house too emotionally difficult.  In these cases, it’s worth seeking out a company that will shoulder much of the burden.  Probate Purchasers exist to do just that.  Their specialist staff work quickly, expertly, and sensitively to reduce the pressure of probate house sale.  They also organise house clearance, so you’re spared the emotional stress of sorting through your deceased loved one’s belongings.  As they buy homes directly through executors and beneficiaries, there are no middle-men, which also saves money, time, and anxiety.