We spend a lot of time at home lounged out in the living room, chatting with family and friends or watching the television. This room is the soul of most homes and should be comfortable and presentable.

You don’t need a massive budget to make your living room wonderful. All you really need is a bit of creative thinking outside the box.


Set A Budget

If you find yourself strapped for cash, then set a budget before you start. Think about how much money you really have to spend that won’t put an immense dent in your bank account. Allow spending money for items such as paint and furniture etc. This will ensure you don’t overspend on the first item you see.

Clear Out

Before you go crazy buying new items have a good clear out. If there are old cushion covers, rugs, curtain covers etc. that you no longer want or need then it’s time to get rid of them. Sell them on eBay or Gumtree for extra cash and you can put that money towards buying new items.  If you don’t want to sell them online, you can always simply give them away to family and friends or to a local charity shop.

Second Hand Pieces

Everything doesn’t need to be brand new. You can find some stunning second-hand pieces on eBay, Gumtree and Freecycle. Second-hand furniture always has a great sense of character about them and are much better for your bank balance. Buying second hand from online stores or charity shops can really make your home stand out compared to your neighbours and you can always paint or varnish them to give them a new look.

Don’t worry about the painful process of getting it home, you can use websites like Shiply to get free quotes and find a courier who can deliver large and bulky items.



Instead of buying expensive paintings for the wall get crafty and creative and make your own. You can buy canvases cheaply in all sizes from just about every art supply store.

Alternatively, you could just add mirrors or other framed items to brighten the room up and add a bit more depth. You don’t even need to buy a new mirror this is another charming item that can be bought second hand. Have a look online or go to your local charity shops or garage sales and no doubt you’ll find a cute bargain.

Buy colourful cushion covers or a bright and bold throw for the sofa. It will give off the illusion of a new sofa.

Use paint. Get creative with the walls. You can even paint the ceiling. Painting the ceiling lighter than the rest of the room makes the room look much bigger. If your very brave why not paint each side of the wall in different colours. Do some research first on cheap but high-quality paints before buying.


Get down the garden centre and pick up a few plants. Nothing makes a room homelier than plants and they may cheaper and easier than artwork.