Here is a list of critical questions you need to ask yourself about buying a home, and other questions that you need to ask those selling a home you are looking to purchase. The process of securing a mortgage is a long and difficult one to navigate. With the right knowledge, you can prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Make sure you do your research by asking the questions we’ve outlined below before making any big decisions.

1. Who Will Do Your Home Mortgage?

One of the key questions you need to understand before you purchase is who will provide you a mortgage. You need to understand the terminology before you select a home to understand if you qualify, what will be your mortgage rate, and how much home you can afford.

2. How Long Has the House Been for Sale?

Understanding how long the home has been on the market can tell you how much you should offer for the home. A longer time for sale means you can ask for a greater discount on the home.

3. How Quickly is the Seller Looking to Close?

Some sellers want to get out of their home quickly. They might want a closing in as little as two weeks. You need to make sure the timeline lines up with when you can move in.



4. Is the Neighborhood Safe?

You should be very concerned about crime in the neighborhood. Check online to see the crime rates and if there are any sex offenders who have to register where they live.

5. Are There Good Schools in the Area?

If you have kids, you want to make sure that there are good schools for them to attend.

6. Has the Home Been Inspected Properly?

Check that the home has been inspected and that the inspector is registered. If you have any doubts demand a new inspection. Your mortgage company might demand a new one anyway.

7. How Long is Your Commute to Work?

If you fall in love with a home that causes you to sit in traffic for an hour every day you have to go to work, you will hate yourself. Check the travel times from your new home to your job during rush hour!

8. Is The House in a Noisy Neighborhood?

Some neighborhoods are noisy at different times of the day. Do you see any construction going on? Drive through the neighborhood at night. Do you hear any loud music?

9. Where is the closest Hospital and Police Station?

You need to know how close you are to vital services, especially if you or anyone in your family has a medical condition.

10. How Far Are You From Relatives?

You will expect your family to come and visit or might need them to babysit or in an emergency. It is convenient for them to get to you?

11. How Old is the Roof?

The roof on a hoe is one of the most expensive things to replace. Make sure that the roof has at least another seven years of use. If not negotiate the price down.

12. Has the Street Ever Flooded?

Flooding is a major problem in many cities these days. Ask if the street the house you are looking to purchase is on, has ever flooded.

13. How Old are the Appliances?

Replacing appliances can be costly. Make sure that you know what you are getting into with regard to the age of the appliances in the home. Ask about the expensive items like the stove, boiler and HVAc or AC system. If any are more than a decade old figure that they will need replacing soon.

14. Will Your Car Fit in the Garage?

Some older houses have smaller garages that will not fit today’s big SUVs. If you have two of them you should be more concerned. Check to see that they fit or you might have to park them on the street.

15. Is the Home Energy Efficient?

Your energy bills can be very costly and vary wildly from season to season. Energy efficiency can save you thousands of dollars each year on energy costs. Ask aif there are energy efficient appliances, is it is fully insulated, and if the home has been checked for leaks.

Getting answers to these important questions can help you to make the right decision when looking to purchase a home.