From little acorns do mighty oaks grow. Your business might have had modest beginnings – perhaps even in your garage, Steve Jobs-style. However, as your company continues to scale new heights, you might wonder whether you could benefit from relocating it – even across the country.

Whether moving your business would actually spur its accelerated growth is a real “How long is a piece of string?” question. However, the following UK locations would be especially conducive to a favourable outcome. Here are the biggest selling points of each…


“Successful cities today are those offering business access to knowledge, in terms of workers, clients, collaborators and competitors,” explains the Centre for Cities’ Paul Swinney, who was a judge for Management Today‘s “The 21 Best Towns and Cities for Business” line-up.

He added: “Manchester in particular is increasing doing this, and we see the results in terms of the types of businesses now locating there, especially in its city centre.” The oft-dubbed ‘Crossroads of the North’ will become an even more attractive business hub when HS2 arrives.


It would bode well for your business if you based it somewhere well-supplied with the right talent to recruit to your workforce. That place could be Bristol, where 54% of workers are educated to degree level or above. No wonder that the South West England city is world-leading in various industries.

These industries include those of environmental technologies, aerospace engineering and financial services. Meanwhile, Bristol’s digital tech cluster, with its turnover of £8.1bn, is the UK’s second-largest outside London.


The West Yorkshire city is similarly a leader in a range of respects – including digital healthcare innovation and medical technologies. Leeds has even added robot design and construction to its already impressive bow, not least due to the national facility for Innovative Robot Systems here.

Channel 4 has taken notice, too, opting to build its new HQ in the city. As Leeds is already home to some of the UK’s fastest-growing firms, your company could theoretically find similar success here.


You might deem Newcastle a somewhat surprising inclusion here, but it actually leaves many other British cities trailing in scale-up tech investment. has even declared Newcastle the UK’s best city to work in, pointing out the relatively low commuting costs here.

Geordies pay just £50 for their monthly travel cards on average – and also benefit from the Tyne and Wear Metro, a London Underground-style light rail network covering the city and further afield.


Was this really surprising? The numbers say it all. Okay, there are quite a few of them, but here are just some examples: the UK capital has 612 tube stations, 3,232 coffee shops, 4,684 bars and 1,222 supermarkets. You are also unlikely to struggle to find the office space you need in London.

You’ve got a lot of choice even when it comes just to the various locations of office space in London from BE Offices. Serviced offices await in such areas as Aldgate, Barbican and Threadneedle Street.