If you’re considering buying a new house, you may be finding that there are a lot of things to have into account. So here are 5 tips for choosing your new home:

1 Check the Neighborhood

It’s important that you research a particular area before you choose to buy a house. What is the neighborhood like? Can you imagine yourself walking the dog, talking with neighbors, and feeling comfortable there? How old are most of the residents? If you have kids it would be great for them to find friends with others their age in the neighborhood, and if you’re a little older you may not want the noise associated with young children.

What kind of amenities does the neighborhood have? Be sure to check out public transport, gyms, other leisure facilities, and activities for kids. What are the local schools like? Do they have a good reputation? What are crime rates like? And how easy will it be for you to get to your workplace?

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2 Choose if you want a new or old house

Older houses can be beautiful, but can sometimes cost a lot in terms of repairs, maintenance, heating bills, and upkeep. Newer houses can also have some drawbacks, and will usually be more expensive than houses which have been lived in, and sometimes will need to be bought before they are built. Although this will mean less costs for maintenance and decorations.


3 View potential properties

Once you’ve found a property you like, it’s important to learn as much as possible about it. Take notes on each property you visit as your memory may get confused between different houses, and you can then refer to the notes later. Visit the house at least twice, during the night and at daylight, so you can see what the traffic is like, and how busy and noisy it gets.

Be sure to check the state of repair, especially for things like insulation, central heating, plumbing, and plug sockets.

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4 Talk to the previous owners

If possible, talk to the previous owners of the house. Ask them why they’re leaving, and if there’s anything else you should know about the house. The previous owners can often give you feedback about the neighbourhood, things to do in the area, and gossip about the neighbours. You’ll also get a feel for the place by hearing them talk about it.


5 Trust your intuition

The best way to decide if the house is right for you is by trusting your intuition. Most of the time you’ll form an impression the moment you step into the house, so it’s important to listen to that and decide if the house feels happy to you. Often if the house is a good fit you’ll begin to picture where you would put the furniture. That’s when you know you’re on to a winner.

Are you looking for a new home? What are your thoughts on these tips? Don’t forget to comment!