Selling your house on your own is quite a task. You need to advertise your property to attract potential buyers, negotiate the price of the property, and deal with legalities. However, many homeowners tend to forget that they should stage the property before visits of potential buyers.

By redecorating your house, you can attract buyers to purchase your house at good rates. Interior designers, such as can help you transform the living space.

Here are some tips for effective property staging:

1.     Brighten the Space

A bright and airy house attracts potential buyers like nothing else. Remove window shades and curtains to bring in natural light. Install mirrors in rooms to bring natural light to rooms that don’t get sunlight otherwise. These mirrors reflect sunlight and brighten your entire house.

Artificial lights including overhead lighting, table lamps, and chandeliers are also a must for home staging.


2.     Get Rid of Mould

The lack of regular maintenance may lead to water leaks in your house. As a result, mould can grow near the leaking pipes. Not only does it spread various diseases, but also ruins the aesthetic appeal of your house.

So, before you invite potential buyers to visit the property, make sure you get rid of mould. Carefully inspect shower curtain, pipes under the sink, and other areas where mould can grow. It’s best to hire a plumber for addressing water leaks. This way, you can easily eliminate mould and prevent its growth down the line.

3.     Get Rid of Clutter

No matter how much you spend on buying new furniture and redesigning your home, the potential buyers won’t be interested in buying the property if there’s clutter everywhere.

You should carefully organise the household items in cupboards and shelves. Throw away the things you don’t use anymore. Pay close attention to your garage. A cluttered garage is a major turn off for buyers. You can ask your friends or relatives to keep your possessions in their garage until you move to a new house.

4.     Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning

DIY property selling platforms such as can help you sell your property on your own. But you need to prepare your house to attract buyers.

For this purpose, you should thoroughly clean your entire house. Clean glass windows and oil door hinges. Deep cleaning your furniture as well as the walls, floor, and ceiling of every room is also extremely important.

5.     De-Personalise Your Home

Your home represents your lifestyle preferences. But if you want to attract potential buyers, you need to de-personalise the space so that the potential buyers can envision their lives in the house.

Remove personal photographs and clutter. If you intend to repaint the house, opt for neutral colours that attract buyers of both sexes.

Whether you hire a real estate agent or sell your house on your own, it’s extremely important you should stage your property for potential buyers’ visits. The aforementioned tips will help you attract buyers and sell your property at a good price.