While most of us are still recovering from expenses courtesy of the previous Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) here comes St. Valentine knocking everywhere to remind us all that Valentine’s Day is coming.

Aside from the sweet cuddles and warm hugs and kisses; cupid’s arrow, red heart cuts, roses, and chocolates are some Valentine’s Day signs we see everywhere.

Still in the present, we keep on celebrating and showing our love during February 14th, the day Saint Valentine executed and died, and through giving flowers, sweet chocolates embraced by a big teddy bear. But how many flowers, sweet nothings and teddy bears is it, really?

No matter what your status is regardless if you are single and ready to mingle or in a relationship on that special day, here are some funny interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.


Facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • Yearly, the total numbers of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are 36 million all over the country.
  • Speaking of gifts, for this year, men will spend twice as much as women. A woman spends about $70 for a gift while an average man is $130.
  • St. Valentine’s Day is the second-largest card giving day of the year, just after Christmas. This year, it’s expected that it will exchange one billion cards around the world.
  • After Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the second-largest card giving day. For this year, they expect 1 billion cards to be out and exchanged all over the world.
  • The number one receivers of cards are the teachers, next to kids, and then followed by mothers, then the wives and girlfriends.
  •  9 million people buy pets as their Valentine’s Day present.
  • Since 1913, Hallmark was one of the first to produce a mass number of Valentine’s Day cards.
  •  Over one-third of men’s population are comfortable and prefer not receiving anything from a partner during Valentine’s Day.

Facts about Flowers during Valentine’s Day:

  •  The most purchased flowers are red roses
  • The estimated spend for flowers this year in the U.S.A alone is about $3.3 billion.
  •  Mother’s Day is the only holiday that beats Valentine’s Day when it comes to floral sales.
  • 43 million out of 124.6 million households in the U.S.A is predicted to purchase flowers.
  • Last 2015 Valentine’s Day, about 18% of women gave themselves flowers.
  •  Laced Roses- the word “lace” roots from laques a Latin word with a meaning of “net or to snare”. It means to catch a person’s heart.
  • Young people are the ones who lead the trend when it comes to floral buying. It’s recorded in 2016 that 63% of the household buying of flowers were people with the age of 35.

Most Searched Flowers

  •  Rose (almost 3 million searches)
  •   Iris
  •  Lily
  • Sunflower
  • Orchid
  • Tulip
  • Daisy
  • Gardenia
  • Lavender
  • Hydrangea

Another interesting bonus fact is that during Valentine’s Day, 64% of men do not plan in advance for this special day.