If you’re like me, your New Year’s resolutions have probably come and gone. Now that we’re officially half-way through the year (that’s scary), it can be easy to forget what we were aiming to get accomplished in the 365 days of 2015.

But there’s still slightly more than 6 months left to try some new hobbies, and you may find that they end up changing your life, and giving you new opportunities for your future.

Here are some new hobbies to try in 2015:



I know, you may not think this counts as a hobby, but if you start working out you’ll get those endorphins flowing and change how you feel about your body.

And working out can be fun! There are so many ways to exercise, and with many of them you may not even feel like you’re working out at all.

If you’re used to doing cardio at the gym, consider switching to weights instead. You’ll be surprised how quickly your body changes.

Join a Football Team

Football is a fun sport which also increases your cardiovascular health. Team sports are great for those who want to meet new people, get out of the house and socialise, and there’s always the after match dinners and drinks to wind down and have some fun as well.

If you’ve ever seen someone dribble a ball down a field and felt intimidated, keep in mind that you’ll learn the same skills in practice, while you’re having fun with friends, and you’ll soon find your agility and coordination has greatly improved.

One of the best parts about playing football is learning more about the teams and placing a few bets. William Hill football betting is a great way to make some money while putting your new knowledge to good use and placing bets on teams around the world.


Learn a new skill

Have you been wanting to learn a new skill, like cooking, a new language, or gardening? Now’s your chance. See if they have any coupons on a website like Groupon or Scoupon, or if your local community centre offers anything that interests you.

Maybe your mum or friend has been wanting to do the same, and you can use it as a good time to hang out while learning something you’ll use in the future.

Do some reading

So many people tell me that they “don’t like reading”, and often it’s because they haven’t found an author, subject or niche that they love.

TV is overrated, and a complete time-suck. Reading a book means that whenever you’re stuck waiting for an appointment you can pull it out, and it’s a great way to feel sleepy before bed.

If you’ve been wanting to change your life, consider reading books in the self-help niche, or if you prefer fiction jump on Amazon and see if you can find anything which looks interesting.



I believe that travel is the best possible hobby, although I may be biased. Save every penny, pick up another job, and get researching. Pick a place you’d love to see one day, and focus on making it happen. Once you get the travel bug you’re bound to be a traveller for life, and nothing else will make you grow and change like travel does.