The Earth and the Universe are both incredibly powerful. We are completely powerless against the great forces that they can unleash against us. Sometimes, natural phenomena works against us. Other times, it’s completely magical, and affects so many aspects of our lives.


The Power Of The Moon

Perhaps the most widely noted aspect of nature to directly impact everything from our moods to the course of our lives is the moon. Pagan religions have argued for years that we can harness lunar powers, and there’s no denying that it’s a very powerful entity indeed.

For example, March 23rd marked a lunar eclipse. Such events as the lunar eclipse are said to bring about change, for example, a new job, baby or house. It can also give courage to break away from negative situations; for example giving people the power to walk away from abusive relationships, or finally admit that they want a divorce. It can mean different things for different people, depending on the stage of life that you are at. Did you notice anything in particular changing for you since last month?

The moon is also known to affect tides, and have an especially feminine influence; affecting women and their fertility in a cyclical nature to coincide with the moon’s phases.


The Power Of Stars

Whilst the moon is the most notably influential aspect of our solar system, the stars have long been thought to affect our daily lives and our emotions and behaviours.

We have been studying astrology for many years now, and it’s argued that when the stars and planets align in a certain way, they can affect everything from our relationships to our employment. A lot of it is said to have been dictated by the date and time of our birth, which is why so many people follow horoscopes.

So, when you hear people saying that things are written in the stars; well, they may well have been!


When Things Go Wrong…

Some natural phenomenons simply aren’t fair, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t occur. For example, so many people worldwide are affected and even killed by the likes of natural disasters. Of course, these incidents are simply nature behaving freakishly, but there are those with far-fetched conspiracies saying that such incidences are punishments as a result of deviance from religious belief systems!

Other types of natural phenomenon just totally creep us out. For example, in Wagga Wagga, Australia, thousands of spiders descended on fields to create terrifying webs all over the place. Wagga Wagga sounds made up, but sadly nothing about this story was fictitious! Entire acres of land were literally covered. Flood water caused hidden spiders to come to the surface, meaning they spread their silky webs. Whilst this might not technically have any effects adversely on our behaviour, there are people who’d argue that this has been the cause of some serious anxiety!

What effects has nature had on you? Do you love it or fear it?